Date: Tue, 23 Jan 2007
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by:  VK Durham

President Clinton with John Huang, James Riady, and Mark Middleton in the Oval Office. Picture is a capture from a video released to the public by the U.S. White House Communications Agency in 1997. Contact:
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Received a very interesting article from Karl W.B. Schwarz, January 5, 2007 titled: WHO IS LEO WANTA? by: Orlin Grabbe which relates to "Bill Clinton's Short-Term Notes", Asian-European, The CIA and Mochtar Riady
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[another Clinton is running for president]. 

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Folks..This is still the "Old BCCI Bank Group"..any way you slice it, or dice it..its BCCI..  Go to
and you will find GOOGLE.  Type in BCCI BANK.. Your going to get an eye-opener when you read this

and this ...

Mr. Leo Wanta has been raising holy hell over his inability to get his allegedly 'frozen' moneys released.. and he keeps screaming he is under Presidential Orders to bankrupt the RUSSIAN RUBLE.

I have always thought that was an 'odd' thing for a President of the United States to say, much less 'do'..

I've been saying:  "PROOF OF SOURCE OF FUNDS/COLLATERAL" has not been met to satisfy the Banking Entities.

There are four (4) pages to this Article by Orlin Grabbe..  Page 3. Sentence 8, there is a curious statement [quote]:

    "I knew there would be a possibility of a Western privately orchestrated economic Jihad that could help crush the communist ruling powers by destroying their unstable ruble. Unilaterally and privately, I decided to play a catalytic role to crash the ruble." [end quote]

Mr. Wanta acted "Unilaterally and privately" .. Mr. Wanta was not acting pursuant to the Orders of the President of the United States as claimed.

Economic the equivalent to "using banking to instigate a HOLY WAR."

   "Jihad.  Arab. holy war.  1. a holy war against the enemies of the Mohamedan faith; 2.  and bitter war for religion or principle."

The "Economic" would be pretty well explained in COMMANDER HATONN'S meeting of February 1989.. wherein the "fabrication of Bonus Certificate 3392-181 financial instruments designed to take the entire global banking, financing and economics hostage.  Only VK Durham would know the truth".. which was tape recorded (Tapes provided on special site for Investigators to listen to) which is in part on ABUSING THE CODE OF SILENCE site at .

No one has been able to 'show' source of funds..since the International Banking Community was notified of "Un-Authorized use of Collateral" related to the 1991 Bank Failures and Brady Bonds which can be read at .

WHO IS LEO WANTA...?  Leo Wanta is another politician who decided he was "above the law" and as he stated, and by his own admission: "Unilaterally and privately, I decided to play a catalytic role to crash the ruble."  THIS IS AN "ECONOMIC JIHAD" especially when using the SHAH OF IRAN'S SON and 'sympathizer's' to create a COUNTERFEIT U.S. DEBT OPERATION using the MILF, ABU SAYEFF, TALIBAN and AL create "Hate the United States of Israel" when the U.S. would not pay off on the bogus debt instruments.

and .

Hell NO!  These individuals cannot show SOURCE OF FUNDS/COLLATERAL.

But they can raise religious hell all over the world and create wars which endanger every one of us on the face of the globe!

Read the following:

Date: Fri, 19 Jan 2007
by:  VK Durham

Pay close, very close attention to January 18, 2007 posting: IRANIANS DID HAVE LINKS WITH BIN LADEN ...


January 18, 2007 -- Iranians did have links with Bin Ladens.

According to our confidential sources, Reza Cyrus Pahlavi, the deposed Shah's oldest son and claimant to the Iranian throne, lived in Houston after the ouster of his father in 1979 and during the early 1980s. Pahlavi reportedly worked out of the Houston offices of James Bath & Associates, the authorized agents for Salem Bin Laden and Bin Laden family interests in the United States. Salem Bin Laden was Osama Bin Laden's older brother. Salem died in a suspicious plane crash outside of San Antonio in 1988. James Bath was also George W. Bush's colleague in AWOL status in the Texas Air National Guard in the early 1970s.

Pahlavi enjoyed full U.S. Secret Service protection while working in the Bin Laden company-financed Houston offices.The Iranian royal pretender worked under cover as an aircraft salesman with James Bath & Associates. In reality, Pahlavi was working with CIA-backed Iranian monarchy supporters who were working to overthrow the Ayatollah Khomeini regime and restore him to the Peacock Throne in Tehran. In 1978, Pahlavi trained as a fighter pilot at Reese Air Force Base in Lubbock, Texas.
The Iran-Bin Laden link the neo-cons don't want you to know about: Son of Shah hung out at Bin Laden family agent's (and George W. Bush's buddy) office  in early 1980s.

This arrangement was fully known to then-Vice President George H. W. Bush who had, in 1980, engaged in treasonous negotiations with the Iranian Revolutionary Government to ensure that the U.S. Embassy hostages were not released until after the 1980 presidential election. As Vice President, Bush, Sr. re-engaged the same Iranian interlocutors in swapping arms for U.S. hostages being held in Lebanon in what became known as the Iran-contra scandal.

Reza Pahlavi now lives in Potomac, Maryland and maintains a political exile organization with headquarters in Falls Church, Virginia. He has been tied to various neo-con activities designed to foment dissension among Iran's youth, including the U.S.-government-funded Radio Farda.

This ties in with what I have known for years which also ties in with the Billionaire Boys Club
it also ties in with the BUSH  BLACKMAILING
( )
and who was behind the 'allowing' of this global banking, financing and hostage situation found at
and .

Pay close attention and read very, very carefully Tias 12087 at .   These busters intended to "Circumvent" Congressional Oversight and use Treaties international agreements other than treaties to overthrow the Constitutional Government of the united States of America.

Unfortunately, the entire world is caught up in this "Bogus" U.S. Debt which set forth to bring down the Fed. Reserve..over the frozen assets of THE SHAH OF IRAN.

This must be addressed by the U.S. House Oversight "Investigative Branch" of UnAmerican Activities.

No wonder the U.S. Secret Service said: "Our only job is to protect the president of the United States" when this Violation of Title 18 Section 471 "Counterfeiting of Prime Bank Instruments" was reported  to the Omaha NE Field Office.

Search the Ante‡Chamber for: SHAH OF IRAN

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