By V.K. Durham

This is a very thought provoking "history" of the "W.R. Grace, J.P. Morgan, Rothschild "TRIPOD" encroachment into American's Rights to "Own Gold."

One must remember; When these laws were "passed" by a "insider trading congress and a president being blackmailed by Wall Street because of a certain lady the president was having a "zipper" problem with, while over 60% of Congress had indulged in "insider trading on the stock markets making over 50% in profits on these old Gold Bonds, then passed a law making it "allegedly illegal for American Citizens to own gold" to clear the way for the Act of Congress of December 23, 1913 bringing in the Fed. R., and the Edge Act of December 24, 1919 which "they were not prepared, nor were they willing to pay the Latin American Bills of Lading (Bonus 3392-181) Sold in New York" when they put through the U.S. Foreign Federal Reserve Act.

DEBT AVOIDANCE is highly frowned upon by the Global Treaty Nations in instances such as these, especially when; Years later a U.S. President exceeds his Executive Power in Acts of Conflict of Interest authorizing a "U.S. Sec. of the Treasury" to indulge in CONTRACTUAL INTERFERENCE and use without Authorization TRUST OWNED, aka "Someone" ELSE'S COLLATERALIZED DEBT OBLIGATIONS to "terrorize the global banking" with those CDO'S as we are currently watching in China etc and in particular

This article, is a historic fact in some respect, but, it is not applicable to BONUS 3392-181 HELD IN TRUST.

The purpose of THE TRIPOD which brought in the Fed. R. was to destroy the Rights of the American People totally, use a corrupt congress and president to get that "job done."

1. When the fraudulent TRIPOD took over the U.S. Debt payment guarantee position in 1913, they assumed the U.S. DEBT of the U.S. Dept. of AG., and U.S. War Dept., which had previously been "assumed by the U.S. Treasury at that time."

2. The U.S. DEBTS were GOLD DEBTS.

3. Depravation of Constitutional Rights to PAY OFF THE U.S. GOLD DEBTS was the prime target of the TRIPOD aka W.R. GRACE, J.P. MORGAN and THE ENGLISH ROTHSCHILD BANKING SYSTEM'S . This is WHY the alleged Right to OWN GOLD was allegedly "lost to Americans."

4. The only way the U.S. DEBT could be paid was with Gold, Gold Coin, Gold Bullion, Gold Dollars, Gold Collateral, which was the method of payment in full reflected in the $6.5 Trillion Dollar DEBT SWAP-DEBT CONVERSION (CREDIT BACK TO THE DEBTOR/BUY OFF) PAYMENT OF THE U.S. DEBT of May 21, 2003 by THE PRIMARY OUTSTANDING CREDITOR OF THE UNITED STATES AND ALL DEBTOR NATIONS.

5. The only Laws Applicable to BONUS 3392-181 held by this Trust, are the Laws at time of Contract i.e., The U.S. Statutes at Large, Treaty Laws, International Contract Laws of Treaty Nations (U.S. Constitution. Bill of Rights Amdmt. VI. Supremacy Clause).

6. The Trust is protected by Treaty Law of Contract; Executive Contract, Legislative Act by invocation of the Peruvian Constitution of 1862 to enter into said "One time only commodity Contract Bonus 3392" further supported by the American Judiciary 1935 Ruling in the Case John N. Perry v. The United States, 294 U.S. 330. Congress had gone beyond its congressional power, as the Debt reflected the "Plighted Faith of the United States." The American Judiciary further stated: "We do not so read the Constitution" in regards to the repudiation of U.S. Debt.
Additional "Grandfather Laws" along with Title 1 U.S.C. Ch. 25. Stat. 111. Rights Retained Under Repealed Statutes As Though They Had Never Been Repealed.

Thanks to a far sighted Congress who saw the future uncontrollable, unconstitutional, unprecedented oppressive denial of all rights problems confronting the United States coming from the Breton Woods Agreement and IMF of 1947.

Americans have been "brain-washed" into believing "American's Could Not Own Gold." If, now, therefore; The U.S. DEBT is a GOLD DEBT how in the hell did they expect the SOVEREIGN U.S. CIVIL GOVERNMENT'S of WE, THE PEOPLE to ever pay this FRAUDULENT DEBT as alleged by THE FOREIGN BANKING CORPORATIONS OF "ROTHSCHILD" UK AND US CORPORATIONS called The Fed. R.?




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