Date: Mon, 19 Feb 2007
MORE TRUTH COMING OUT ON WANTA: Say "Goodbye" to the trillion$..
By V.K. Durham

Considering all of this revolves around the 1990-1991 BANK FAILURES AND BRADY BONDS
[ ]
which involves the murder of U.S. Col. Russell Herrman aka Herman to get control over something to legitimize their 'OWO' project of the GAIA [Environmental Religious Cult]Organization when this group thought he owned something he did not own...which involved TWO separate and distinct 'groups'.. or as COMMANDER HATONN called them: 'TWO TRAINS ON THE SAME TRACK'.. You remember Commander Hatonn, don't you Leo? You should, you and Vice President Cheney were working with this group when laundering out the MORGANTHAUS out of the Philippines
[ ]
which you allege were box's of DU... Give us all a break, Leo.. DU is not ever mentioned in the MEMOS between you..and Vice President Cheney.. But! "MONEY" is...

All the way through this; You have blamed the Bush family for your problems.. Considering "I" have had a VERY RARE front row seat to all of this..and it was TRUST Collateral that was used..and has been used since 1987... One of those TWO "Trains" involved THE CLINTON ADMINISTRATION. Your little operation commenced when CLINTON blackmailed BUSH and threatened the Bush Sibling to get cut in on the 10 year Agreements which commenced September 12, 1991 and were to continue for 10 YEARS or until "THE U.S. DOLLAR WAS EXHAUSTED." This would have been on or about SEPTEMBER 11, 2001, and it went through CLINTON-MARK RICH'S & BENNY NETANYAHU'S "BANKS IN ISRAEL" .. Then you moved this on into Russia..Yeltsin allegedly was not interested so you moved the operation over to the Russian Minister of Interior, Yasliv Popov. After Clinton Etal got their feet in the Russian Door..they used the Russian Economic situation which was near collapse..and bribed YELTSIN to dismantle the USSR.. When CLINTON was successful with the DISMANTLING of the USSR.. he went on TELEVISION..HUGGED BORIS YELTSIN AND SAID: "WELCOME TO THE RICH MANS CLUB" on open mike...

Then in 1997-98.. CLINTON discovered "THE OWNER OF THE COLLATERAL USED FOR THOSE TWO TRANSACTIONS, ONE [ $120 Billion Gold] IN DEUTCH MARKS and the other [ $120 Billion Gold] in JAPANESE YEN..HAD NOT SIGNED THE 10 YEAR 'COLLATERAL AGREEMENT' which was underwritten by CANTOR FITZGERALD One World Trade Center.

1998..CLINTON sent his men to get MORE COLLATERAL to cover the first collateral...$500 BILLION DOLLARS GOLD COLLATERAL..because Russia, China, Malaysia, Japan, Germany, France, Chile, Bolivia, Argentina [and the United States] needed 'bailing out'.. The bastards threatened to "feed me to the alligators, if I did not sign".. I signed..but; THE SON OF A BITCHES COULD NOT USE THE COLLATERAL ANYWHERE BUT INSIDE THE UNITED STATES AND FOR 'WE THE PEOPLE'.. Then..suddenly your buddy..Clinton FOUND a Treasury. Remember that, Leo?

Now, Lets get down to the old fashioned NUT CUTTIN, Leo! I have copies of those GRAND CAYMAN accounts.. [they were mailed to me by uk parties] conducting investigations into this 'ORGANIZED CRIME CRAP'..

When I look at the TREASURY NUMBERS on these accounts called the GigaAccounts in the Grand Caymans.. I see OLD Treasury numbers.. Numbers that go back to a time in history THE OFFICE OF THE PRESIDENT was supposedly "honest"..and "ethical" along with MORAL. There are accounts you claim are HILLARY'S.. and some JORGE BUSH accounts..[old treasury #s]..but I SEE MORE ACCOUNTS with YOUR #s..?
[ ].
And then there is THE CONTRA FALL-OUT
[ ]..and now that all of this BLACK OPS crap has been exposed.. Latin America and Central America pissed off at the shenanigans of the Administrative Government of the United States.. a deal has to be cut with MEXICO so MEXICO can be the "filter" to keep these pissed off Latins and people from Central America..UNDER CONTROL for the U.S. Administration.. and that LEO is exactly what CASEY, COLBY, CURTIS LeMAY, BORDU, THE ENGINEER'S were concerned they sat around my dining room table.

My take on this "crap" Leo is:

As the Israeli Operatives in the FEDERAL RESERVE "PREDATORY" BANKING SYSTEMS were aggressively engaged in setting up the GOLD BANKS of the opposition BANKING CARTELS whereas CLINTONS' COUNCIL ON FOREIGN RELATIONS [ 1997-98] Authorized the use of BONUS CERTIFICATE 3392-181 intending to 'split all monies taken down off shore 50% & 50% [ Grand Caymens are off shore are they not?] further intending to BLACKMAIL anyone who 'opposed' the operation.. you can print it off and read the dammed thing yourselves in this PUBLIC NOTICE .
And that..LEO is your 'source'..right there in CLINTONS' group blackmailing THE BUSH group in that Gpage4..PUBLIC NOTICE of COMMANDER HATONN'S Black Ops Operation in the Philippines which involves both you, and Vice President Cheney in your own handwriting..on documents intercepted by MILITARY INTELLIGENCE being (1)
and (2) .

Year 2000. It was somewhere around Mid August if memory serves...the Trust had a visitor who announced: BUSH has just been annointed the next president of the United States. We know what his father did back in 1990 and 91. When Bush the younger is sworn in as President, and sits down at his desk in the Oval Office..he will sit down, shut up, and do as he is told; OR ELSE! We have the documents that Russell was killed over. They are being held by English MI-6. We intend to bankrupt the U.S. Federal Reserve and U.S. Treasury. You are to keep the TRUST out of Europe!"
Does that sound familiar, Leo?

Right cannot show SOURCE OF FUNDS/COLLATERAL. Its that simple. Intelligence sources report that these alleged accounts you allegedly own..ARE EMPTY.

This BLACK OPS Operation has forced the President to make aggressive moves on IRAN... hoping when he moved on IRAN..unpleasant things would happen inside the United States, and the President and his family would move off to Paraguay...until everything cooled down.. That is how this stuff works Leo.. You know it..and I know it... But, it all revolves on MONEY..or COLLATERAL.. No one wants the FEDERAL RESERVE BANK NOTES OR "I.O.U'S"..ANYMORE..

FALSE FLAG OPERATIONS that have historically worked rally and incite We the People to taking up arms.. have been exposed.. Just as I tracked this operation working 24-7 and exposed to the ISLAMIC BANKS, CHINAS' BANKS, RUSSIAN BANKS, G-7's LATIN AMERICAN & CENTRAL AMERICAN BANKS, AUSTRALIAN BANKS, JAPANESE BANKS and etals; The Black Ops Operation to bankrupt the GOLD BANKS with "bogus" U.S. Debt paper written on BONUS CERTIFICATE the COMMANDER HATONN- COUNCIL ON FOREIGN RELATIONS GROUP in the Philippines.

Leo..the PARTY is over.. It's been exposed. Those Victimized Nations and their BANKING SYSTEMS victimized with the Bogus U.S. Debt Instruments written on BONUS CERTIFICATE 3392-181 authorized by individuals who had no authority to AUTHORIZE nor DID JURISDICTION EXIST AT ANY TIME; Will be PROTECTED with the Gold Collateral of this DURHAM HOLDING TRUST, Tias 12087. We will pick up that 'bogus U.S. Debt at .10 cents on the dollar.

The 'Visitor' of Mid August 2000 stated: "We are too far along with the operation and VK is not on the internet, so she does not know what has gone on or what we have done. We are too far along for her to stop us."

First. There is NO "Bonus Certificate 3392-181"... Never has been..

Third. In the COMMODITY CONTRACT there is a progression rate on 7% semi annually on the Principle, and 7% Semi Annually on the Interest , "With the Holder holding the Rights to Mortgage the Natural Resources Until Paid"..

Fourth. The Laws of Assumpsit enter..

Fifth. Central Intelligence Actuarial Services (Notarized) calculated the amounts due on just one of the 7%..s. for 114 years (1875-1990) and just one of those 7%s came to $206,858,581,561,990,000,000.00 due and payable in American Gold Dollars, Gold, Gold Coin, Gold Bullion. The West Coast Federal Reserve
then calculated...their calculations co-responded with the CI-Ltd.. Actuarial Services 'calculations' but; IT THREW THE WEST COAST FEDERAL RESERVE BANKS COMPUTERS OUT OF WHACK AND THEY COULD NOT RECONCILE THEIR 'BOOKS' UNTIL MID 1998.

COOL HEADS realize the Federal Reserve is in deep Chit. No one wants their FUNNY MONEY any longer..

But, these same cool heads realize THERE IS FRESH COLLATERAL OUT THERE..which will allow these "Victimized Nations" to "print their own money" and get away, far away from PREDATORY BANKING of the Monopoly System of the Federal Reserve Banking Systems..who were intending to tell those GOLD BANKS when those banks came for 'payoff' on the Bogus U.S. Debt Derivatives..: " We are so sorry. Your instruments are cannot collect.. But, WE HAVE YOUR GOLD.. Now! What are you going to do with out YOUR GOLD?"

This is not conducive to good International Banking Relations, nor is it conducive to good International Good Will. It must stop as must your WHITE KNIGHT disinformation of the PsyOps Operation.

Your PsyOps maneuvers have created dissention with Russia..and this should not be..
Frankly; I do not believe you were ever 'authorized' by Reagan.. You were CLINTON'S MAN..and both of you are actively engaged in BLACKMAILING BUSH
[ ]

At this time, Leo..there are TWO more TRAINS on the TRACK. There is You...and there is THIS TRUST (me). You want to give your Trillions to THE IRS.

The TRUST is a WE the People entity...and that is where these TWO trains are going to square off in a head on collision... I believe there are "MORE OF WE THE PEOPLE" on this second train..who will eventually 'rip up the rails on your, or THE COUNCIL ON FOREIGN RELATIONS-GAIA incoming train.

In closing, Leo.. I often think about what COL. RUSSELL HERRMAN-Herman said on November 17, 1993 after we brought him home from his kidnapping ordeal: "When the American People wake up and realize what the federal government has done to them; I would not want to be the president, or a senator or congressman. I would not want to be a judge on the bench, nor would I want to be in law enforcement nor even the local dog catcher. Because; When the American People wake up..they will hunt them down and give them a fair trial, and hang them on the capital steps."

I asked my husband: "How can you give them a fair trial with the pre determination of hanging them?"

"TREASON!" He responded.

So far..not a single soul in Washington D.C. has been concerned about WE the People. Every Department, Every Agency formerly set up to PROTECT We the People has been sold off to 'Corporations' and the FINANCIAL Equity Stolen.. Or given to ILLEGAL ALIENS leaving WE the People in HARMS WAY, without industry, without manufacturing, without homes, without medical care, without proper educations ad infinitum..and it was done through Executive Orders..
and the end result ]
much like the one you allege you were authorized to bankrupt RUSSIA which was really CLINTONS' and THE COUNCIL ON FOREIGN RELATIONS "Operation". along with a few dirty, very dirty REAGAN ADMINISTRATION people..

This TRUST does not favour UN-AMERICAN Activity, nor does it favour ORGANIZED CRIMINAL ACTIVITY which actively engage in the Violation of Duties of Oath of Office of Public Trust as defined in 18 U.S.C. CRIMINAL CODES Sec. 201 et seq'...and THE RICCO STATUTES "Murder For Profit" aka MURDER INCORPORATED while indulging in illegal activity as defined again in 18 U.S.C. Sec. 471. Counterfeiting of Prime Bank Instruments.

It is believed we can all safely say: YOU ARE A FRAUD.

Have a nice day..Ambassador Leo E. Wanta.

V.K. Durham, CEO

Ask not what your Country can do for you,
Ask what you can do for your Country.

V.K. Durham,
PO Box 113
Ida Grove, Iowa 51445 U.S.A.


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