Date: Mon, 27 Nov 2006
By: V.K. Durham

No one will ever know how many times I used to sit and wonder why my husband [we were married November 27, 1987]was murdered and died such a horrible death.. 
I wondered what could possibly be the reason he was tortured in such a horrible way that it brought to mind the Nazi Death Camps of WWII..
I wondered who would or could possibly be so deranged mentally to infuse a "Type A" blood into a "Type O" recipient such as was done to my husband..
My Representative Government would never allow this to happen to an American Citizen..I thought..  They sure as heck would not allow this to happen to a high ranking Officer of the U.S. Armed Forces..  But; I had forgotten in all the stress related confusion.. My husbands Military Records had been erased..
Here is a full Bird Colonel  [who was near blind]  forced into poverty..denied his Military Medical and Retirement Benefits..and even his Social Security..
Here is a U.S. Intelligence Officer..being reduced down to nothing more than a pile of shit..being Kidnapped, Tortured, his own associates who are Authorized by those at the TOP in the WHITE HOUSE!?
At times, I actually thought my mind was playing tricks on me..  My State and U.S. REPRESENTATIVE and ADMINISTRATIVE GOVERNMENT(s) surely and most definitely 'would not allow this type of Criminal MalConduct, UnAmerican Activity, InHumane Treatment which qualified and still qualify for InHumane Acts against another Human Being..  NO way would 'my' representative and administrative U.S. Government allow this to go on here inside the United States of America!
Not only were my husbands Military Records wiped, My own Records were erased..back to the 'sixth grade'..  !?
Now wait a minute, I thought..  Something is dammed wrong here..!   I really should have 'keyed' in when our  1987 Marriage License and Records came up missing..  We had no idea as to where the marriage license was..but, when Russell was forced to go into the Washington County Hospital [Nashville, Illinois] on October 24th, 1993.. the next of kin evidence [marriage license] was requested.   The DHHS ordered a 'second' marriage.. to show 'next of kin'..
There has been an awful lot of 'AlQaeda' Underwriters [GAIA-Ekker's] false and misleading statements about Russell Herman not being married to VK Durham..  Russell and I were married..again..  and again..the name which is shown on my birth certificate is used.. it is also shown as Russell's wife on his Death Certificate..
The Military 'arbitrarily' changed the spelling on Russell's last name.. and the Schools changed mine..
Be that as it may.. It is absolutely astounding how the entire world could be turned upside its Banking, Financing and Economics..forced into "Collapsing the Federal Reserve Note-Dollar" over the MURDER of 'one' man..and the forging of his signature on an alleged assignment of interest, then notarizing the dead mans signature four years after his 'murder'..?   A MURDER that a "Do not investigate" is pinned on...from THE TOP.
If the US FEDERAL RESERVE "NOTES" [not to be confused with U.S. Dollars] Banking and Economics hold until the first of will be a miracle..  I believe it will be brought down..

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By V.K. Durham

Ask not what your Country can do for you,
Ask what you can do for your Country.

V.K. Durham,
PO Box 113
Ida Grove, Iowa 51445 U.S.A.


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