by V.K. Durham

PROJECT HAMMER "Re-Re-Visited" temporairly held up by: Current International Banking, Financing and Economic Problems

The TRUTH about PROJECT HAMMER, PROJECT JACOBI, Russell Herrmann aka Herrman aka Herman, D.V. Hughes, Jr. and

THE IRANIAN "AL QUAD" infiltrators using "Mirror Corporations" inside our U.S. Federal and International Banking, Financial and Economic Systems (in affixed email to Mr. D.V. Hughes, Jr.) attempts by the IRANIAN CONTRACTORS who took their assignment in 1987, to TAKE REVENGE ON THE 1984 "ASSET FREEZE" By: U.S. President R. Reagan and George H.W. Bush. This TROJAN HORSE mirroring of Legitimate Corporations such as held by myself (V.K. Durham) and D.V. Hughes Jr., my late (murdered) husband, Russell Herrmann aka Herrman aka Herman's associate.

For the record. Harry S. Truman instructed these of Russell Herrman, and his later associate D.V. Hughes, Jr., projects
"To bring the gold home" to be "done."

President of the United States, John F. Kennedy saw the encroaching problems, and knowing of President Harry S. Truman's "projects to bring the gold home" attempted to further support "freeing the American People from the clutches of the FEDERAL RESERVE BANKING SYSTEMS OF THE ROTHSCHILD'S when he issued Executive Order 11110, June 5, 1963 which was intended to restore this nation back to Gold & Silver Standards as mandated by the U.S. Constitution.

J.F.K. saw the ultimate devastation of U.S. PROPERTY OWNERS losing their EQUITY OWNER POSITIONS OF ALL U.S. LANDS, HOMES, MORTGAGES, DEEDS and ultimate infra-structure whereas and whereby; THE U.S. FEDERAL RESERVE NOTES would be backed by nothing of value other than GOODS AND SERVICES, COMMON USAGE by a HOSTAGE AMERICAN CITIZENRY.

J.F.K. also looked back into history, and in doing so executed Executive Order 11109 which instructed the U.S. House of Representatives to re-open the U.S. House Investigating arm of THE U.S. HOUSE "UN-AMERICAN ACTIVITIES" and investigate " U.S. House Members, and members of the American Judiciary back to 1947 (Breton Woods Agreement-GATT of 1947) involving their involvement's in Un-American Activities.

J.F.K. saw the future ENSLAVEMENT of the American People, and eventual OVERTHROW OF THE U.S. CONSTITUTION which would be brought about, if these Executive Orders were not executed and performed upon by the U.S. House of Representatives.

This investigation into Un-American Activities would have exposed AVERAL HARRIMAN, LYNDON B. JOHNSON, THE U.S. FEDERAL RESERVE and EARL Warren's "UN-AMERICAN ACTIVITIES" as equally as the U.S. House Members who protected their own vested interests in Corporations, passing laws to give said Corporations the "advantage" to "make laws, set rules and regulations designed to overthrow the Constitution of the United States and Civil Governments of the United States"..forever holding the American People hostage by Un-Constitutional Rules and Regulations taking precedence over THE LAW OF THE LAND by "International Law of the Sea."

Now, therefore; There are those "legitimate" U.S. Treasury Agents working on PROJECT HAMMER and JACOBI, ROSEBUD, PHOENIX etc, who thought they were working with the real projects designed by TWO PRESIDENT'S "TO BRING THE GOLD HOME and FREE THE AMERICAN PEOPLE FROM THE "TRIPOD" of J.P. Morgan, W.R. Grace and the Rothschild English Banking Corporations Systems,
when working with former Bank of America Representative, E.J. Ekker (U.S. Naval Intelligence-CIA) who also worked very heavily with Comex-Gomex Gold Traders. What these legitimate U.S. Treasury Agents did not know was: Mr. E. J. Ekker and Mrs. Doris J. (Eloise) Ekker entered into their agreements with IRAN to "take revenge on the United States and England for the U.S. Freezing of Iranian Assets in 1984."

These IRANIAN "AL QUAD" CONTRACTORS (all of this is explained in the email affixed hereto addressed to Mr. D.V. Hughes, Jr.); Enlisted former U.S. Treasury Agents operating out of IRS to assist them.
You will find in the article posted at addressing ABUSING THE CODE OF SILENCE. This article posted, also contains the voice recording of Mrs. Ekker (Commander Hatonn) making mention of a man named Mannie or Manny. She also states "Manny was sucked into this fabrication."

Manny or Mannie, for all your information was WORKING WITH MR. HERRMAN and MR. D.V. HUGHES, Jr.
He "turned"..handing the documents over to these Counterfeiters in this IRANIAN "REVENGE" OPERATION operating out of the Philippines under the direction of the Contractors who took their "revenge assignment in 1987" to bankrupt the United States Fed. R. and U.S. Treasury.

As the Signatory of BONUS 3392-181; I have put forth FULL CO-OPERATION to "COVER PROJECT HAMMER & JACOBI, plus the others which were instructed by BOTH PRESIDENT'S OF THE UNITED STATES; "TO BRING THE GOLD HOME" by this TRUST which is more than sufficiently endowed with LAWFUL GOLD COLLATERAL to UNDERWRITE THE NEEDS "TO BRING THE GOLD HOME."

My own personal "opinion and attitude" is as would be Russell Herrman Herman's: TO HELL WITH THE SON OF A BITCHES! THEY ARE BACKED BY NOTHING OTHER THAN "FRAUDULENT PAPER backed by A FORGED SIGNATURE." BRING THE GOLD HOME, GOLDEN BOYS and BOY SCOUTS... I back you all the way.., whatever it takes (but we will not cut sweetheart deals or turn over the instruments).

V.K. Durham, CEO-Signatory BONUS 3392-181

----- Original Message -----
From: V.K. Durham
To: D. V. Hughes Jr.
Cc: V.K. Durham CEO-Signatory, The Durham (Intl. Ltd;) Holding Trust (TIAS 12087)
Sent: Saturday, November 22, 2003 9:29 AM
Subject: Current International Banking, Financing and Economic Problems

To: Mr. D.V. Hughes, Jr.
From: V.K. Durham, CEO-Signatory
The Durham (Intl. Ltd;) Holding Trust (TIAS 12087), and CEO-Signatory; Cosmos Seafood Energy Marketing, Ltd; Nevada ID# 1707-85 Held in the before-mentioned "Trust"

Dear Mr. Hughes:

First. Thank you for your most welcomed visits, and invaluable documentation, information in regards to my late husband Russell Herrmann aka Herrman aka Herman projects which you and Russell were involved, being those we are presently attempting to straighten out globally.

Second. This "Victimization" of all of our Corporations, our Collateral, our Projects which have been infiltrated by the (1987) Iranian Al Quad, by and through mirrored corporations (ours and U.S. Fed. Govt.) which infiltrated the underbelly of our U.S. Banking, Financing and Economics with these look alike Idem Sonans Corporations, doing business with those "Mirrored Corporations" giving the allusion of legitimacy when in fact, they were destroying the very foundation of U.S. and International Banking, Financing and Economics.

Third. All of us have been "victimized" by the following, by the Iranian Al Quad,who were attempting to recover their "Frozen Assets" frozen by the Ronald Reagan-George H.W. Bush Administration (1984), to wit:


"Sounding the same or alike; having the same sound. A term applied to names which are substantially the same, though a slightly varied in the spelling, as "Lawrence" and "Lawrance," and the like. (State v. Culbertson, 6 N.C.App. 327, 170, S.E.2d 125, 127)
Under the rule of "idem sonans," variance between allegation and proof of a given name is not material if the names sound the same or the attentive ear finds difficulty in distinguishing them when pronounced (Martin v. State, Tex.Cr.App., 541 S.W.2d 605, 606).
Two names are said to be "idem sonantes" if the attentive ear finds difficulty in distinguishing them when pronounced, or if the common and long continued usage has by corruption or abbreviation made them identical in pronunciation.
The Rule of "idem sonans" is that absolute accuracy in spelling names is not required in a legal document or proceedings other than Civil or Criminal; that if the name, as spelled in the document, though different from the correct spelling thereof, conveys to the ear, when pronounced according to the commonly accepted methods, a sound practically identical with the correct name as commonly pronounced, the same thus given is a sufficient identification of the individual referred to, and no advantage can be taken of the clerical error.
The doctrine of "idem sonans" has been much enlarged by decisions to conform to the growing rule that a variance, to be material, must be such as has misled the opposite party to his prejudice (Blacks Law. Fifth Edition).

Fifth. This Al Quad aka Al Qaieda infiltration into our National and International Banking, Financing and Economic Systems was
"assigned" to those currently operating out of the Philippines under the Nevada Corporations as follows;
a). The Inter-American Development Bank
b). The Inter-American Investment Corporation
c). The Depository Trust Co.
d). Hellenic Express International Ltd.
e). Hellenic Express International Ltd (Greece)
f). Global Alliance Investment Association (GAIA), and
g). Cosmos Seafood Energy Marketing Ltd; Nevada ID # 1707-85

(incorporated by the Ekker's in 1998)

All authorized by "FED. R./UST" ...who granted immunity privileges to these False Muslims, to go into the Philippines and Victimize the Legitimate Muslim People by issuing Counterfeit Gold Instruments known as "NOT NOW PERFORMING GOLD DERIVATIVES" which China holds over $400 Trillion Dollars in Counterfeit Instruments, Russia, and the Islamic Banks in Riadhy and Jeddah also hold equal amounts. Morgan-Chase hold $121 Trillion Dollars in these BOGUS/Counterfeit Gold Derivative, as does the U.S. Dept. of the Treasury and U.S. Federal Reserve all based on the following deceptions and use of idem sonans:

1. A backdated instrument alleging a August 5, 1993 "Assignment of Interest" on Bonus 3392-181, bears the following:
a. A forged signature of Russell Herman
b. A "Self Witnessed" instrument witnessed by the party to whom the alleged assignment was made,
c. Said "alleged assignment" was notarized 4 years after Mr. Herrman's (Herman) Murder which is lawfully determined
i. False Witnessing, and
ii. False Notary, as
iii. Law. "When Lawful Notarization of Conveyance of Property being conveyed, the party assigning the conveyance must be present, produce the proper identification, produce the assignor's Capacity to assign said ownership of property, and two witness's non associated, with non vested interest must bear witness to said conveyance of property."
iv. Notarization, forgery, self witnessed instruments and Black and White Copies of former Recorded Public Records Instruments were used by the Iranian Al Quad to create this "idem sonans" situation which has victimized and literally taken hostage of legitimate National and International Banking, Financing and Economics.

d. Russell Herrmann aka Herrman aka Herman; did not possess independent signatory power in regards to the 24.4 per cent of BONUS 3392-181 assigned to COSMOS SEAFOOD ENERGY MARKETING LTD; NEVADA ID# 1707-85 (1989), which
e. At the suggestion of Chief of Operations, Fraud Division INTERPOL BONUS 3392-181 was taken out of said Corporation due to TOO MANY COSMOS CORPORATIONS PRETENDING TO BE the before-mentioned corporation, and
for safekeeping, and their own protection by: The hereditary (family owned since 1876) Certified Holder/Owner: Dona Vina Durham, which is and has been HELD by DEED NO. 189934 since August 1, 1994 complete with PERFECTED Certified Chain of Title (Federal Rules of Civil Procedure. Rule 901 and 902 "Self Authentication".

Mr. Hughes. Considering "time is of the essence".. it is strongly suggested you convey this on to your people, in order we may all work together and get this VICTIMIZATION by the IRANIAN AL QUAD straightened out, and straightened out fast.

Best regards-

V.K. Durham, CEO-Signatory "BONUS 3392-181"

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