Date: Tue, 16 Jan 2007
[Psssst:  There are a pair of bottle-huggers out there who should sit down and shut up..they are making ass's out of themselves, disgusting the people,  and turning the people off]
By:  VK Durham

UnAmerican Activity is rampant..

Corporate U.S. is broke, bankrupt..   The "They's" have not figured out how to take down the Sovereign Civil Governments and make the WE the People 'pay off' the Corporate Bankruptcy..

Durham Holding Trust, Tias 12087 has kept and held firmly the DOOR-STOP against this flood of UnAuthorized U.S. Debt which was intended to fall back on the backs of every Citizen of these united States of America..   That's what was 'intended' our presidents who have indulged in UnAmerican Activity placing WE the People in Harms Way by indulging in DRUG and MONEY LAUNDERING in our National Banks and International Banks.

These Presidents have indulged in Acts of Conflict of Interest which have brought deaths of former allies, and a war in nations of former allies.. alleging Weapons of Mass Destruction..when the entire mess is over DRUG and MONEY LAUNDERING..and the "Inability to show Source of Collateral/Funds."  As good a place as any to start with Government Officials Profited From Illegal Arming of Iraq  and Conflict of Interest is with TomFlocco's Article
and that will give insight into BLACKMAILING of the Bush's which is posted at
and why my husband was murdered
[ ]
which was to cover up or create a BlackOps Operation
[ ]
which would create a 'smoke screen'  or a diversion in regards to this Money Laundering Operation Nightmare..currently under investigation by OSI.

 The European Central Banks are suing..  You see..the Federal Reserve Chairman, Alan Greenspan set up the EURO.. he used "Trust Collateral" without Trust Authorization, and the same goes for these Presidents ...and their 'games' in the Drug and Money Laundering Business.

Ultimately, it is alleged by the European Banking Cartels; The United States is going to have to pay for all of this..

My take on this:  I DON'T THINK SO!  Not this time!  

 The Duly Constituted, Outstanding, Primary Creditor of the United States of America and all Debtor Nations, i.e., DURHAM HOLDING TRUST, TIAS 12087, Denied Bush his 1989  request for the Underwriting for Saddam Hussein, and having warned each of the Cartels of UnAuthorized use of Trust Collateral, further advising each, including the WORLD BANK-IMF, BUREAU OF PUBLIC DEBT, U.S. Treasury & U.S. Federal Reserve, the Queen of England's Signatory at Wachovia: The HOLD HARMLESS position of WE the People.

In all probability:  It was the 1989-90 "Denial" to President Bush the Underwriting of Saddam Hussein's Agricultural Program... that created the 1989-90  'freezing' of the original JACOBE banking transaction..which caused a PARALLEL banking situation to be set up..which is presently 'caught in the loop'..and cannot show "source of funds/collateral"..
It is absolutely inconceivable this PRESIDENTIAL AND EXECUTIVE BRANCH'S ORGANIZED CRIME which has been going on since the Nixon Administration becoming more prolific during the Carter and Reagan Administrations..and on through the Bush, Clinton, and Bush Administrations, flowing freely through the Federal Reserve and U.S. Treasury goes unchecked!

At one time this country had five living presidents..all cutting their own deals..Nixon, Ford, Carter, Reagan, Bush..  Prior presidents were interfering with the sitting president.. each having their own 'money laundering' transactions.. 

This came out of an OSI Intelligence Report investigating misappropriation of major funds and other irregularities:

[quote] It became so bad between Reagan and Bush overlapping.. July 18, 1990 President Bush found it necessary to confront ex-president Reagan in his California home the previous week, in the presence of Nixon and Ford, and tell him that he was no longer running the Government and could not do so in absentia [end quote]."

What OSI Intelligence Report stated to the FBI:  This is not the Government's money these individuals at the top are playing with.  

OSI Intelligence Report came up with was:  There are litigations going on which were initiated by the European Central Banks filed against the US Treasury.  

Further inquiry turned up the Federal Reserve involvement..  The Central Bank of Holland demanded a seat on the Federal Reserve Bank Board.. and on, and on, and on..

The control of the daily disposition of the monies has been co-coordinated through the Office of Currency working with the Federal Reserve, the Treasury and Attorney General and the 'big 5 banks' in New York, led by Morgan Guaranty Trust Bank..  The North Carolina National Bank has also been heavily involved in this 'money laundering business'..of the Presidents.

In looking back through the years..remembering all the men and women who were murdered over this JACOBE banking situation which was generated by ROGUE OPERATIVES many years ago..back in 1945-47..which is explained in ORGANIZED CRIME'S "TERRORIST" BANKING BRINGS ABOUT "A NATION IN CRISIS" at ..


Mr. Wanta alleges to be working under PRESIDENT REAGAN..but the dates do not wash..  What does wash is President Bush (#41) with ExPresidents Nixon and Ford telling Reagan "he was no longer president"..  Executive Orders by Law are supposed to 'stop' with the ending of the President's term.  Executive Orders are NOT LAW.

Be that as it may-

There is an investigative email affixed..   There are two transactions involved to wit
1.  $12Trillion Dollars, and
2.  15.5 Trillion Dollars
These were run as PRIME BANK NOTES @ 7.5% with a 20 year and 1 day payout all tied directly to the WHITE HOUSE and the Chicago Continental Bank, First National Bank-LaSalle Banking, on down to THE BCCI Banking,  tied in to New York's Morgan Guranty Trust, Standard Charter Banks, Riggs Banks and The North Carolina National Bank which was heavily involved, and on into the European Banking.

It is believed this ties directly to LEO WANTA'S $27.5 Trillion Dollars which I have written about in THE LEO WANTA THINGY at .

But, I believe it was covered sufficeintly in the FOLLOW THE MONEY at .

TomFlocco covered it in ..
Since that article of Tom's our 'grey fox's' have uncovered August 8, 1990  WHITE HOUSE "Waiver of Conflict of Interest" initialed by GB which will tie in with the 1990 SADDAM HUSSEIN statements, further tying in with KUWAIT and DESERT STORM..whereas U.S. Government Officials Profited
[see: ]
which further ties in with this current CHINA situation with 'Not Now Performing Gold Derivatives' resulting from the BlackOps Operation of the GAIA-Ekker's in the Philippines which also cost PRINCE BANDAR his post..
[see: ].

There must be a time when WE the People say Enough! 

In all fairness.. These Presidents and Agencys of the Federal Government are involved in areas of MURDER FOR PROFIT, CONFLICT OF INTEREST and MONEY LAUNDERING..

I did not write the following investigation.. but it spells the situation out.

Read the following carefully..the global stability of all banking and future of peoples of all nations will suffer greatly if you do not understand the BANKING FRAUDS going on when you read .

Banker after Banker has been murdered over this "Banking Operation called JACOBE".. Too many people to count have been murdered over this JACOBE operation..including my husband who was murdered by those involved who thought he owned something he did not own to 'cover the action' on these Banking Frauds..and set up a global black ops operation issuing bogus U.S. Debt instruments to confuse the legitimate banking.. see:
and .

Ask not what your Country can do for you,
Ask what you can do for your Country.

V.K. Durham,
PO Box 113
Ida Grove, Iowa 51445 U.S.A.


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