By: V.K. Durham

King David’s Everlasting Dynasty!

Is there biblical and historical evidence showing that, in the 6th
century BC, the throne of David was transferred from the land of
Israel to the British Isles? If so, how did that come about?
Tracing back the history of the British Throne—from England to
Scotland, then to Ireland, and back still further to the ancient
KINGDOM OF JUDAH, is a most fascinating task!

But it is impossible to comprehend the true DIVINE
ORIGIN of the British Throne without first grasping certain
biblical prophecies which, over 3500 years ago, accurately foretold
first the rise, then the PERPETUITY of that ancient Davidic Dynasty


England broke her Covenant with God.. Her 'young lions' when born
are no longer born in Davids Throne which 'has' (note, I said
'has') a seat which removes for 'birthing'.. Beneath The Throne
of David..lay The Stone of Scone, which is also known as the Stone
of Destiny and has had an extraordinarily elevated place in Irish,
Scottish, English, British, Jewish, Muslim History, is a 26 inches
long, 16 inches wide, and 11 inches high block of yellowish
sandstone, weighing 152 Kg and carved with a Latin Cross on top.
The Stone of Scone
Variously known as the Stone of Destiny, the Speaking Stone or
Liath Fall, the Stone of Scone has played a paramount part in the
crowning of the Dalriadic, Scottish and English Monarchy.
On 30 November 1996, St. Andrew's Day, amidst a great fanfare of
Bagpipes, Cannon Salutes and impeccable security at Edinburgh
Castle, England represented by Prince Andrew returned to Scotland a
priceless treasure that had been forcibly taken from them exactly
700 years earlier – a stone – not just any stone, but the famous
Stone of Scone (pronounced Skoon).

The Stone of Scone, which is also known as the Stone of Destiny and
has had an extraordinarily elevated place in Irish, Scottish,
English, British, Jewish, Muslim History, is a 26 inches long, 16
inches wide, and 11 inches high block of yellowish sandstone,
weighing 152 Kg and carved with a Latin Cross on top.

It was supposedlyto H this stone that Jacob used for a pillow the
night he dreamt of the Stairway eaven and saw the Angels of Bethel
as mentioned in Genesis Chapter 28. From the Holy Land it came to
Ireland via Egypt, Sicily, and Spain, and became the property of
the Early Dalriadic Kings of Ireland. It became known as the Stone
of Destiny after St. Patrick blessed it and prophesised that the
descendants of the Irish Kings would reign wherever the Stone lay
(There seems some truth in the prophecy since the English Royal
Line came to an end with Queen Elizabeth I and the present British
Royalty is descended from the Scottish line of King James VI who
beame James I of England). Each new ruler was expected to sit on
the stone at the time of his coronation. According to legend, the
stone recognized a legitimate heir by emitting a cry, and for this
reason the stone also became known as Liath Fall or Speaking Stone.
Many Wars were fought and much blood shed to either protect this
stone or to obtain it.

When the bastion of the Irish Kings, the Hill of Tara, was lost to
them, the Stone was taken to Scotland by Kenneth I the 36th King of
Dalriada. There it remained at the Abbey at Scone and came to be of
prime importance in the crowning of the Scottish Kings. John
Balliol was the last Scottish Monarch to be crowned on the Stone of
Scone in 1292. In 1296, the Scots were defeated by the English King
Edward I, who seized the Stone, the symbol of Scottish sovereignty,
and carried it off to England. He thought this would break Scottish
resistance. He was mistaken, but they did fiercely resent their
Stone being carted off. In 1398, under the Treaty of Northampton,
an agreement was reached in which the English promised to return
the Stone. But they reneged on that promise and the Stone remained
at Westminster Abbey in England. Here it remained until Christmas
Day 1950 when a group of young Scottish Nationalists stole it and
it was found 4 months later at Arbroath Abbey. It was returned to
Westminster Abbey and stayed there until 1996 when the then English
Prime Minister John Major and Queen Elizabeth I decided to return
to the Scots their Stone - on the understanding that it would
temporarily be brought back for the future coronation of the next

The Return of the Stone of Scone was of course an emotional moment,
but not one that thrilled everyone. Scottish Nationalists claimed
it was a gesture meant to divert attention from more important
issues. There was the question too whether this in fact was the
genuine Stone of Scone. This has actually been a nagging question
over the centuries. It has been said that the original Stone of
Scone never left Ireland to begin with, that what was taken to
Scotland was a mere copy. According to another legend, the Scottish
Stone of Scone was real enough, but the one stolen by the English
was in fact fake. The wily Scots, seeing that they were about to
lose, substituted the Stone with the cover of the Castle cesspit,
and it was this that the English eventually carted off and fitted
under the seat of the wooden Coronation Throne on which they have
been crowning their Monarchs ever since. Still other stories claim
that the English Stone of Scone was real too, but was stolen by the
Scottish Nationalists and it was a fake that was 'found' later at
the Arbroath Abbey.

England comenced having her problems in 1950 and 1996 when the
Stone of Destiny was moved from "beneath KING DAVIDS THRONE"..
[connect the dots]

Too many Covenants have been broken with God.. [vkd]


11-C. TRIBE OF JUDAH (Tribe of Dan)

Since the sceptre will not depart from Judah, Jesus Christ, the
Lion of the Tribe of Judah, will rule the Millennial Kingdom
The Antichrist will be of the tribe of Dan, but will claim dual
lineage from the tribes of Benjamin and Judah, to achieve hegemony
over the false Millennium.
God's Plan
Pre-Flood Era Old Testament Church Age (Last Days)
Great Tribulation
New Heavens & New Earth

Satan's Counterfeit
Pre-Flood Era Old Testament Church Age
Tribulation Great Tribulation
Golden Age
New Heavens & New Earth


Old Testament Period: Dan was one of the twelve tribes of Israel;
his father, Jacob, identified Dan as the serpent. The promised
Messiah would come from the Tribe of Judah.

Tribulation/First 3.5 Years: God will seal 12,000 from each of the
tribes of Israel, except the tribe of Dan.

Great Tribulation (end): Jesus Christ will come again as the Lion
of the Tribe of Judah.

The Millennium: Dan's name is found on a gate of Ezekiel's
Millennial city and God will allot Dan a portion in Israel's
expanded territory.


Pre-Flood Era: The god, Dan, was associated with Pan.

Old Testament Period: Dan's name was not included in the list of
those who returned to Israel from the Babylonian captivity; Jewish
rabbis concluded that the Antichrist would come from the tribe of

Church Age: The Merovingians appear to be related to the tribe of
Dan, regarding their symbols and names. The Merovingians promote
the Messiah as being from the lineage of Solomon whose mother was
(they say) from the tribe of Dan.

Tribulation: The Tribe of Dan is missing from among the 144,000 in
Revelation 7.

Great Tribulation: The Antichrist will arise from the tribe of Dan.




Jacob prophesied that the promised Messiah would come from the
Tribe of Judah, whose symbol was the lion.
Judah is a lion's whelp: from the prey, my son, thou art gone up:
he stooped down, he couched as a lion, and as an old lion; who
shall rouse him up? The sceptre shall not depart from Judah, nor a
lawgiver from between his feet, until Shiloh come; and unto him
shall the gathering of the people be. -
Genesis 49:9-10

Great Tribulation: The Antichrist will arise from the tribe of
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Jacob's Pillar Stone
Also know as Jacob's Pillow Stone, The Stone of Destiny, and the
Stone of Scone
Jacob used a stone for a pillow the night he wrestled with God.
After God changed his name to Israel, he then used it as a pillar
to mark the covenant he made with God. Tradition has it that the
Stone was taken to Egypt, and later to the Promised Land when the
Israelites came out of Egypt.

Jacob's Pillar Stone was to play a vital roll in the three
overturnings of the throne of David.

The Stone remained in Jerusalem until after 586 B.C. when Jerusalem
was destroyed, and it was taken by Jeremiah to Ireland with the
daughter of Zedekiah. After this time, the Kings of Ireland would
be crowned while seated upon the Pillar Stone of Jacob.

When the throne of David was overturned a second time to Scotland,
the Stone was taken to Scotland by the first Scottish king, Fergus,
in the ninth century, and placed at the ancient capital of Scone
(pronounced Skoon). The Scottish kings were also crowned while
seated upon it.

The Stone of Jacob was seized by King Edward I in 1296, and has
been used in the coronation of every English monarch since. Queen
Elizabeth II was crowned while sitting on the Coronation Chair
containing the Stone.

Until recently, the Stone of Jacob (Israel) has sat under the
Coronation Chair in Westminster Abbey, in silent testimony to the
dual promises made by Almighty God to the descendants of Abraham.
After 700 years at Westminster Abbey, the stone was recently
returned to Scotland and is on display at Edinburgh Castle. It has
remained with the descendants of Israel since the time of Jacob,
and the Royal Seed of David have always been crowned upon it.

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