By V.K. Durham
First written: 5/13/05

JANUARY 31, 2008


It took me from November 17, 1993 until just recently to figure out
what my husband, U.S. Naval Intelligence, U.S.Coast Guard, CIA,
Russell Herrman-Herman meant when he sat in that chair in our
living room with that 1000 yard stare, after being brought home
from the Kidnapping, Torture and Rape Incident of October 28, 1993
when he was taken across state lines, missing and unaccounted for
from around 9:15 A.M. until 21:27:57 that date, and said [quote]

"When the American People wake up and realize what the Federal
Government has done to them; I would not want to be the President,
I would not want to be in the House of Representatives, I would not
want to be a Judge on the Bench, or even in Law Enforcement, not
even a local dog catcher, because they will be hunted down like
dogs and given a fair trial, and taken out on the Capital Steps and
hung." [end quote]

After my husbands experience, he knew they were going to kill
him.. He broke his Code of Silence and told much of what is in the
following article about Paul Marcinkus and Sindona, George Klein
(WB-IMF who committed suicide), Manuel Norriega (Sand Dollar
Accounts, Security Pacific Bank), The Shah of Iran, Marion Akiens
(Liberty Insurance-U.S.Treasury/IRS.), Clyde Hood (WB), Judge
Hamerick (Delta Insurance-Delta Force) and (I learned yesterday,
January 30, 08) Frank Suma was murdered in his motel room, Roger
Frantz died from ground glass injestion, Ruth Datche broken neck
from being pushed down basement steps and so many others involved
in the following article
http://www.theantechamber.net/V_K_Durham/FollowTheMoney9.htm .

The story needed to be told before I passed away..and everyone
wondered what in the heck caused our country to become the
monstrosity it has become in the straying away from our mandatory
Constitutional Form of Government and the making, passing and
imposition of Forbidden Un Constitutional, Despotic and Oppressive
From the time of the Breton Woods Agreement-IMF-GATT of 1945 -
1947, it was Policy that Gold remained at $28.00 per fine troy
ounce up until this BANKING mess exposed in part in the BCCI
investigations came to the fore front which was actually a part of
the U.S. S&L DEBACLE investigation raised the BAR ON GOLD to $38.00
per fine troy ounce on U.S. GOLD TRADE DOLLARS and currently it is
somewhere around $68.00 per fine troy ounce on U.S. Gold Trade
Dollars which has been hyper inflated due to the United States
attempts to cover (1) The BANK Loss's mentioned in FOLLOW THE MONEY
and (2) COVERING the External Debt of the U.S.due to the
Counterfeit U.S. Debt Instruments along with (3) Oil Trading
Credits as a "kicker" in this GOLD BANKING RACKET.



It is unfortunate indeed high ranking U.S. Officials are still
are.. They are THE CONTRAS..
As long as I can remember 'hustlers' and 'con men' have chased the
MORGANTHAU BONDS. See MJD regarding U.S. Treasury plates page 12:
"As for Harry Dexter White, his ascent was steady. Five months
after the duplicate plates fiasco, there was a conference of the
Secretaries of State, War and the Treasury at the Hopkins office in
the White House. White read a prospectus for the doom of Germany:
It's people were to become a pastoral horde; their entire
industrial plant would be removed or destroyed; all equipment was
to be torn from the Ruhr mines, and its coal deposits would be
"thoroughly wrecked."
Secretary Stimson was struck with horror- an emotion which
Secretary Hull shared. They learned with consternation two weeks
afterward that the "Morganthau Plan" had been initiated by
President Roosevelt and Prime Minister Churchill at the Quebec
Conference of Sept. 11, 1944. To Mr. Roosevelt's face, Secretary
Hull charged that Churchill's signature was procured by Morganthau
with an offer of $6,500,000,000 of postwar Lend Lease for Britain.
From Assistant to the Secretary, Mr. White moved up to
Assistant Secretary of the Treasury in 1945. During February 1946,
he was appointed by President Truman, and confirmed by the Senate
as U.S. Director of the International Monetary Fund, with a tax
exemption salary of $17,500.
The name of Harry White became so important in the record of
the Senate committee that finally Senator Bridges suggested calling
him as a witness. But White was absent from the capital on
vacation. It was announced that Morgenthau and White would be
placed on the stand at a future section, but this was never called.
Mr. White submitted his resignation from the International
Monetary Fund on June 19, 1947, the day after the committee
recessed. When the economist was put on oath the following year, he
denounced the Chambers accusations as "unqualifiedly false." He was
not and never had been a Communist, White affirmed, and had
committed no disloyal act. But two weeks later his funeral was held
at Temple Israel in Boston: he died of a heart attack.
In November of that year Whittaker Chambers produced five rolls
of microfilmed documents. Among them were eight pages of script
divulging U.S. military secrets. Found in the possession of an
acknowledged Communist courier, the handwriting was identified as
that of Harry Dexter White."

For many years the speculation as to WHY JFK was 'murdered'..

President John Fitzgerald Kennedy was murdered over Executive Order
11109, May 27, 1963.

Executive Order 11109. Title 3--The President:
By the virtue of the authority vested in me by section 55 (a)
of the Internal Revenue Code of 1939, as amended (55 Stat. 29, 54
Stat. 1008; 26 U.S.C. (1952 Ed.) 55 (a), and by section 6103 (a) of
the Internal Revenue Code of 1954 (68A Stat. 753; 26 U.S.C. 6103
(a), it is hereby ordered that any income, excess profits, estate,
or gift tax return for the years 1947 to 1963, inclusive, shall
during the Eighty-Eighth Congress, be open to inspection by the
Committee on Un-American Activities, House of Representatives, or
any duly authorized subcommittee thereof, for the purpose of
carrying on those investigations of subversive and un-American
activities and propaganda authorized by clause 18 of Rule XI of the
Rules of the House of Representatives, agreed to January 9, 1963.
Such inspection shall be in accordance and upon compliance with the
rules and regulations prescribed by the Secretary of the Treasury
in Treasury Decisions 6132 and 6133, relating to the inspection of
returns by committees of the congress, approved by the President on
May 3, 1955.
This order shall be effective upon its filing for publication in
the Federal Register.
Signed: John F. Kennedy
The White House,
May 27, 1963

Major Jordan's Diaries contains names of who was who..busily
turning this nation over to the Communist-Facists.. and he had
asked they be investigated for UN-American Activities.. Instead of
the Ordered Investigation made by the President on May 27,1963..the
President was assasinated ..in Texas.. see article by Tom Flocco:
FBI memo, photo link Bush Sr to JFK Dallas murder scene


Here is our problem: The U.S. Deputy Attorney General issues: DO

They are not protecting the interest of WE the People..they are
protecting themselves FROM We the People..

[ taken from Major Jordan's Diaries
http://www.sweetliberty.org/issues/wars/jordan/12.html ]

It started in early 1944, when the need for uniform occupation
currency in Germany was acknowledged by the Allies. On January 29th
Ambassador Averell Harriman informed our State Department from

“Great importance is attached by the British Government to the
Russian Government’s participation in this arrangement. [4]
Cordell Hull informed Harriman on February 8th that the U.S. would
be glad to print the money for Russia.

“The production of sufficient currency to take care of Soviet
requirements, if desired, is being contemplated.

On February 15th Moscow’s answer came from Harriman:

“The Commissariat for Finance considers that in preparing the
currency it would be more correct to print a part of it in the
Soviet Union in order that a constant supply of currency may be
guaranteed to the Red Army…
It will be necessary to furnish the Commissariat for Finance, in
order that the M-marks may be of identical design, with plates of
all denominations, a list of serial numbers, and models of paper
and colors for printing.”

“It would be very difficult to make the plates available to the
Russians, The Treasury had never made currency plates available to
anybody.” [8]

The Russian technique was clever: Don’t ask whether your
demand will be met; ask when it will be met. Harriman’s cable ended
as follows:

“Molotov asks in conclusion that he be informed when the
Commissariat for Finance may receive the prints, models of paper
and colors and list of serial numbers. Please instruct.” [6]
Secretary Hull took over a month before replying on March 23:

“It is not expected that the Combined Chiefs of Staff will favor
the delivery of plates to the Russians.” [7]
However, other departments of the Government were also being
consulted. Inside the Treasury Department great concern was
expressed by two veteran civil servants, Mr. D.W. Bell, Under
Secretary of Treasury, and Mr. A.W. Hall, Director of the Bureau of
Engraving. In a memorandum to his immediate superior Bell stated:

“It would be very difficult to make the plates available to the
Russians, The Treasury had never made currency plates available to
anybody.” [8]
Mr. Hall reported to the same superior, pointing out the
gravity of the problem of accountability. His memorandum said:

"To acquiesce to such an unprecedented request would create serious
complications. To permit the Russian Government to print currency
identical to that being printed in this country would make
accountability impossible…
he present contractor for the printing of invasion currency for
Germany is under heavy bond to insure against the misappropriation,
loss, or improper use of plates, paper, and printed currency.

I do not believe that under any circumstances would the contractor
agree to the manufacture of duplicate plates by any agency outside
of his plant. Furthermore, it is doubtful that the Treasury
Department could force him to do so. Almost certainly his bond
would become forfeit if such an arrangement were resorted to." [9]

The immediate superior of Mr. Bell and Mr. Hall was a relative
newcomer to the Treasury Department named Harry Dexter White.
Revealing testimony about Mr. White has been made by Whittaker
Chambers in his recent book, Witness:

In the persons of Alger Hiss and Harry Dexter White, the Soviet
military intelligence sat close to the heart of the United States
Government. It was not yet in the cabinet room, but it was not far
outside the door…
Harry Dexter White had become Assistant Secretary of the Treasury.
In a situation with few parallels in history, the agents of an
enemy power were able to do much more than purloin documents.

They were in a position to influence the nation’s foreign policy in
the interests of the nation’s chief enemy, and not only on
exceptional occasions like Yalta (where Hiss’ role, while
presumably important, is still ill-defined), or through the
Morgenthau Plan for the destruction of Germany (which is generally
credited to White), but in what must have been the staggering sum
of day-to-day decisions. [10]

With this clue in hand, the day-to-day progress of the
decision on the engraving plates makes fascinating reading. Mr.
Bell again conferred with Harry Dexter White.

He pointed out that the plates which had been engraved for the
Treasury Department were, in fact, the property of the Forbes
Company in Boston and if we insisted that they should make
duplicate sets available to the Russians, it is possible that the
Forbes Company would simply refuse to print any further currency
for us, on the grounds that security control had been removed and
they could not be responsible for anything that might happen to the
printing of the currency from that time on. [11]

He added that not only could the U.S. print all the currency
the Russians could possibly desire, but

“we could have the first shipment ready for them before the
Russians could start manufacturing currency from plates that we
might make available to them.”What did Henry Dexter White think of
all this?

Pappy (Greg) Boyington.. of the Black Sheep Squadron was a friend
of mine.. I often heard a similar story as told by Pappy himself at
his resturante near March Air Force Base..as he would sit with
friends near closing time..

Now..these many years later, and Pappy is dead and gone now.. Bill
Bennett pass's on Pappys wisdom regarding WATCH DOGS-SHEEP DOGS who
are on guard while others sleep.. vkd]

Taken from: http://www.rumormillnews.com/cgi-

Gregory Boyington of the Flying Tigers and The United States
Marines was a maverick ; a brawler and a drinker. He was also a
Nasal Radiator . He had his Own Squadron and he KNEW how to : "
Improvise " ; and he knew how to Shoot .
The junior Officers and N.C.O.'s called him Pappy because he was
Older than them . He stayed as FAR AWAY from the Flag Pole ( and
the Organization Men at H.Q.M.C. ) as he could . Audacity was the
prime tactic ;...like flying into the middle of five Japanese
Zero's....and SCORING ! He Led from the Front . He was Not a
Garrison Marine Officer . He was a FIELD MARINE . He wouldn't've
done well in Washington , D.C. and he knew it . " I " had the Honor
to stand a drink with this Leatherneck and shake his hand ... a
Long time ago .

William J. Bennett , in a lecture to the United States Naval
Academy on November 24 , 1997 said , "Most of the people in our
society are sheep ".

They are kind , gentle , productive creatures that can only hurt
one another by accident . We may well be in the most violent times
in history , but violence is still remarkably rare . This is
because most citizens are kind , decent people , not capable of
hurting each other except by accident or under extreme provocation
. They are sheep .

Then there are the wolves that feed on the sheep without mercy . Do
you believe there are wolves out there that will feed on the flock
without mercy ? You better believe it . There are evil men in this
world and they are capable of evil deeds . The moment you forget
that or pretend it is not so , you become a sheep . There is no
safety in denial .

Then there are sheepdogs ; and I'm a sheepdog . I live to protect
the flock and confront the wolf . If you have no capacity for
violence then you are a healthy productive citizen , a sheep . If
you have a capacity for violence and no empathy for your fellow
citizens , then you have defined an aggressive psychopath , a wolf
. But what if you have a capacity for violence , and a deep love
for your fellow citizens ?

What do you have then?

A sheepdog , a warrior , someone who is walking the uncharted path
. Someone who can walk into the heart of darkness , into the
universal human phobia , and walk out unscathed . We know that the
sheep live in denial , which is what makes them sheep . They do not
want to believe that there is evil in the world. They can accept
the fact that fires can happen , which is why they want fire
extinguishers , fire sprinklers , fire alarms and fire exits
throughout their kid's schools .

The sheep generally do not like the sheepdog . He looks a lot like
the wolf . He has fangs and the capacity for violence . The
difference , though , is that the sheepdog must not , cannot and
will not ever harm the sheep .
Any sheepdog that intentionally harms the lowliest little lamb will
be punished and removed .

Understand that there is nothing morally superior about being a
sheepdog ; it is just what you choose to be . Also understand that
a sheepdog is a funny critter . He is always sniffing around out on
the perimeter , checking the breeze , barking at things that go
bump in the night and yearning for a righteous battle . That is ,
the young sheepdogs yearn for a righteous battle .

The old sheepdogs are a little older and wiser , but they move to
the Sound of the Guns when needed , right along with the young ones
. Here is how the sheep and the sheepdog think differently . The
sheep pretend the wolf will never come , but the sheepdog lives for
that day . After the attacks on September 11 , 2001 , most of the
sheep , that is , most citizens in America said " Thank God I
wasn't on one of those planes . " The sheepdogs , the warriors ,
said " Dear God , I wish I could have been on one of those planes
.Maybe I could have made a difference. " You want to be Able to
make a difference . There is nothing morally superior about the
sheepdog- the warrior , but he does have one real advantage . Only
one . And that is that he is able to survive and thrive in an
environment that would destroy 98 percent of the population

If you want to be a sheepdog and walk the Warrior's Path , then you
must make a conscious and moral decision every day to dedicate ,
equip and prepare yourself to thrive in that toxic , corrosive
Moment when the wolf comes knocking at the door . This business of
being a sheep or a sheepdog is Not a yes-no dichotomy . It is not
an all - or - nothing , either - or choice.

Few people exist completely on one end or the other . Most of us
live somewhere in between . Since 9-11 almost everyone in America
took a step up that continuum , away from Denial . The sheep took a
few steps toward accepting and appreciating their warriors , and
the warriors started taking their job more seriously .

Its OK to be a sheep , but do not Kick the sheepdog . Indeed , the
sheepdog may just run a little harder , strive to protect a little
better, and be fully prepared to pay an ultimate price in battle
and spirit with the sheep moving from " baa " to " THANKS ". We do
not call for gifts or freedoms beyond Our lot. We just need a small
pat on the head , a smile and a Thank you to fill the Emotional
tank that is drained Protecting the sheep . And , when our number
is called by The Almighty and Day retreats into Night , a small
prayer before the Heavens just may be in Order to say 'Thanks', for
letting you continue to be a sheep . And be grateful for the
millions of American sheepdogs who permit You the Freedom to
express , even bad ideas .