By: Jeffrey Steinberg (EIR)

"What this story involves is an elaborate function, I will say, that was an offshoot of a government program. The MK-Ultra program was developed in the 1950s by the CIA.

During the Feb. 5 hearing, Noreen
Gosch stunned the court with sworn testimony linking U.S. Army Lt. Col. Michael Aquino (ret.) to the nationwide pedophile ring. Her son, Johnny, then 12 years old, was kidnapped off the streets of West Des Moines, Iowa, on Sept. 5, 1982, while he was doing his early-morning newspaper deliveries. Since his kidnapping, she has devoted all of her time and resources to finding her son, and to exposing the dangers that millions of children in America face from this hideous, literally Satanic underground of ritualistic deviants.

Then, the Aquino bombshell: "Well, then there was a man by the name of
Michael Aquino. He was in the military. He had top Pentagon clearances. He was a pedophile. He was a Satanist. He's founded the Temple of Set. And he was a close friend of Anton LaVey. The two of them were very active in ritualistic sexual abuse [Sex Magick?]. And they deferred funding from this government program to use [in] this experimentation on children.

Under questioning from DeCamp, Gosch reported: "I know that Michael Aquino has been in Iowa. I know that Michael Aquino has been to Offutt Air Force Base [a Strategic Air Command base, near Omaha, which was linked to King's activities]. I know that he has had contact with many of these children."

another incident which linked King to Aquino, while the Army special forces officer was still on active reserve duty. Some time in the late 1980s, Nelson was with King at a posh hotel in downtown Minneapolis, when he personally saw King turn over a suitcase full of cash and bearer-bonds to "the Colonel," whom he later positively identified as Aquino. According to Nelson, King told him that the
suitcase of cash and bonds was earmarked for the Nicaraguan Contras, and that "the Colonel" was part of the covert Contra support apparatus, otherwise associated with Lt. Col. Oliver North, Vice President George Bush, and the "secret parallel government" that they ran from the White House.

On Aug. 14, 1987, San Francisco police raided Aquino's Russian Hill home, which he shared with his wife Lilith. The raid was in response to allegations that the house had been the scene of a brutal rape of a four-year-old girl. The principal suspect in the rape, a
Baptist minister named Gary Hambright, was indicted in September 1987 on charges that he committed "lewd and lascivious acts" with six boys and four girls, ranging in age from three to seven years, during September-October 1986. At the time of the alleged sex crimes, Hambright was employed at a child care center on the U.S. Army base at Presidio.

The child's description of the house, which was also the headquarters of Aquino's Satanic Temple of Set

In 1982, the Temple of Set fissured over the issue of Aquino's emphasis on Nazism. One leader, Ronald K. Barrett, shortly after his expulsion, wrote that Aquino had "taken the Temple of Set in an explicitly Satanic direction, with strong overtones of German National Socialist
Nazi occultism

Aquino was deeply involved in what has been called the "revolution in military affairs" ("RMA"), the introduction of the most kooky "Third Wave," "New Age" ideas into military long-range planning, which introduced such notions as "information warfare" and "cyber-warfare" into the Pentagon's lexicon.

In the early 1980s, at the same time that Heidi and Alvin Toffler were spinning their Tavistock "Third Wave" utopian claptrap to some top Air Force brass, Aquino and another U.S. Army colonel, Paul Vallely, were co-authoring an article for Military Review. Although the article was never published in the journal, the piece was widely circulated among military planners, and was distributed by
Aquino's Temple of Set. The article, titled "From PSYOP to Mindwar: The Psychology of Victory," endorsed some of the ideas published in a 1980 Military Review article by Lt. Col. John Alexander, an affiliate of the Stanford Research Institute, a hotbed of Tavistock Institute and Frankfurt School "New Age" social engineering.

Aquino and Vallely called for an explicitly Nietzschean form of warfare, which they dubbed "mindwar." "Like the sword
Excalibur," they wrote, "we have but to reach out and seize this tool; and it can transform the world for us if we have but the courage and the integrity to guide civilization with it. If we do not accept Excalibur, then we relinquish our ability to inspire foreign cultures with our morality. If they then devise moralities unsatisfactory to us, we have no choice but to fight them on a more brutish level."

For Aquino, "mindwar" is a permanent state of strategic psychological warfare against the populations of friend and foe nations alike. "In its strategic context, mindwar must reach out to friends, enemies and neutrals alike across the globe ... through the media possessed by the United States which have the capabilities to reach virtually all people on the face of the Earth. These media are, of course, the electronic media—television and radio. State of the art developments in satellite communication, video recording techniques, and laser and optical transmission of broadcasts make possible a penetration of the minds of the world such as would have been inconceivable just a few years ago." Above all else, Aquino argues, mindwar must target the population of the United States

Paul Joseph Watson (Prison

In an orchestrated set-up, George W. Bush announced that a plan to fly a plane into the LA Library Tower was thwarted in 2002 and within minutes news networks were showing footage of the same building being destroyed in the movie Independence Day.

Bush stated that the attack was prevented only with the help of NSA surveillance of communications, an
attempt to shut up critics of the spying scandal in a move about as sophisticated as a 300lb Pittsburgh Steelers fan after a heavy drinking session.

The mayor of Los Angeles, Antonio Villaraigosa, immediately went public with comments of his absolute bewilderment concerning the alleged plot.

In the
mind of the passive viewer this information enters the brain as if it is real, and they suspend disbelief to embrace the notion that the building was destroyed by terrorists. This residue remains in the viewer's psyche and the validity of the government's response to the 'attack,' in this instance passing the soon to expire Patriot Act and justifying spying on Americans, is unquestionable.

the senior military command structure in Iraq "went nuts,"
By: Wayne Madsen

The Bush administration's "Don't Ask, Don't Tell Policy." U.S. intelligence sources who served in Iraq report that after photos from Abu Ghraib prison surfaced of naked male prisoners who were forced by their U.S. guards to form human pyramids and masturbate, the U.S. military went into total denial mode. "It was a 'don't ask, don't tell policy,'" according to one intelligence source who was assigned to both the Abu Ghraib and Camp Bucca prisons. Federal Judge Alvin Hellerstein has ordered the Pentagon to release to the American Civil Liberties Union 74 photos and 3 videotapes taken at Abu Ghraib in 2003. However, the Pentagon is resisting the judge's order.

U.S. intelligence sources:
Sexually-explicit photos at Abu Ghraib special ordered by a homosexual and pedophile ring inside the Bush White House

There is good reason for the embarrassment of the Pentagon in the affair.
The orders to take the sexually-oriented photos and videos, some of which involve teenage Iraqi boys and girls and sodomization by their guards, came directly from a pedophile and closeted male homosexual ring operating in the White House, according to the intelligence sources. Copies of the tapes and photos were sent directly to the White House for the entertainment of senior members of the Bush White House, including officials in the Vice President's office and the Executive Office of the President.

When the photos at Abu Ghraib became public, the senior military command structure in Iraq "went nuts," according to an individual who witnessed the cover-up of the affair. "They ordered an immediate policy of denial about details of the prisoner abuse at Abu Ghraib," said the source. The source added that senior officers were disgusted that lower ranking guards were prosecuted and jailed when the order for the mistreatment came directly from the White House.

By: Nat Parry (consortiumnews)

Roberts’s deference to presidential power is a strand that has run through his entire career as special assistant to Ronald Reagan’s attorney general, a legal strategist for Reagan’s White House counsel, a top deputy to George H.W. Bush’s solicitor general Kenneth W. Starr, and a federal appeals court judge accepting George W. Bush’s right to deny due-process rights to anyone deemed an “enemy combatant.”

Roberts has sided with executive power on both foreign policy issues and on bureaucratic disputes. For instance, during the Reagan administration in 1983, he said it was time to “reconsider the existence” of independent regulatory agencies, such as the Federal Communications Commission and the Federal Trade Commission, and to “take action to bring them back within the Executive Branch.”

Putting the FCC under tighter White House control would let the President pull the strings of communication policy to reward his media allies and punish anyone using the broadcast media to criticize him, much as Richard Nixon tried to do during the Watergate scandal of the 1970s.

Iran-Contra Secrets
In the 1980s, Roberts also provided legal advice to the Reagan administration on how to pick its way around the legal obstacles erected by Congress to limit military and other assistance to the Nicaraguan contra rebels who were fighting to overthrow Nicaragua’s leftist Sandinista government.

In the mid-1980s, NHAO was set up under the State Department to funnel non-lethal, “humanitarian” aid to the contras, but much of the money instead disappeared into shadowy contra accounts which may have been used to buy weapons. Other money went to hire pilots and planes used by drug trafficking operations with close ties to the contras.

By: Larry Chin Online Journal

As noted by Parry and others, Roberts work on behalf of the presidential "apex of political power" has been a continuous participation in government corruption from the 1980s to the present. With all due respect to Parry, these are not "sleeper" issues.

Roberts 1) counseled Reagan/Bush on how to get around congressional restrictions on contra funding; 2) counseled Reagan/Bush on the establishment of CIA/narcotrafficking proprietaries; 3) counseled Reagan/Bush on how to obstruct Iran-Contra special prosecutor Lawrence Walsh's probe; 4) as US Appeals Court judge, endorsed the most extreme aspects of George W. Bush's "war on terrorism," including the right to designate "enemy combatants" and the endorsement of torture, the protection of the Bush administration's right to torture; and 5) has maintained intimate ties to top Bush administration officials, including all participants in the CIA/Plame case (which could be decided by a Roberts court).
This is, by definition, a criminal background, in direct participation as well as association, with treason, mass murder and crimes against humanity. In the Bush world, where open criminality and corruption are king, Roberts is the ideal yes-man for the chief justice post, where he will oversee the final destruction of what remains of American democracy.

Posted By: monk (RMN)

I Love when they do this!
See what I see...Judge Roberts being displayed with a Halo!!
See this one with Bush and Rumsfeld.
Of course we are told that the "Beast" will often take "images" of holy to mask the evil!
Here is Picture proof!

ALL US MILITARY LEAVE HAS BEEN CANCELED ... something big is in the works!
Bylined to: Bob Chapman (

The base is in Mariscal Estigarribia, 200 km (127 miles) from the Bolivian border and will handle large aircraft and accommodate 16,000 troops.

There are now 500 of our troops there with planes, weapons, equipment and ammunition. Either before, during, or after the coming presidential election we expect the US to intervene or better put, invade Bolivia to control its natural gas reserves.

Paraguay has approved of the troops being there and given them total immunity, free from Paraguayan law and the jurisdiction of the International Criminal Court. George and the neocons have threatened to withdraw $24.5 million in aid to Peru, Ecuador, Venezuela and Paraguay if they didn’t grant immunity to the US military.

You cannot believe a word Washington says about the base being a humanitarian undertaking, when they are struggling to fill the ranks in Iraq.

Why would they be on a humanitarian mission in Paraguay?

By: V.K. Durham

GEORGE H.W. BUSH as the 41St President of the United States sold off over $640 Billion Dollars in DEFENSE EQUIPMENT such as A-WACS, MISSILES, WEAPONS, ARMS, AIR PLANES, TANKS etc to THE SAUDI'S during the last period of his administration. Makes me wonder if our troops are going to be SAFE or SLAUGHTERED BY THOSE playing "GAMES OF WITCH-CRAFT and DUNGEONS AND DRAGONS" also exposed by Lyndon LaRouche at CHENEY and his SPOON BENDERS...

(Funding the Psy-Op?)

Wayne Madsen Report
(click for link to the rest of the story)

Mixing church and state, GOP style (with a few Democrats thrown in). A key member of the "Christian Mafia's" Fellowship Foundation umbrella organization, Steve McFarland, formerly of the Christian Legal Society's Center for Law and Justice and Prison Fellowship International and a colleague of Watergate felon and founder Charles Colson, is director of Faith-Based and Community Initiatives at the Department of Justice. In fact, McFarland is part of a network of evangelical activists who occupy similar positions in various government and state agencies, all ultimately answering to Jim Towey, the White House Director of Faith-Based and Community Initiatives and all on the government payroll. Towey is linked to the Fellowship's core member former Senator Mark Hatfield (R-OR) and he has been involved in various Sun Myung Moon Unification Church events.
The evangelical network of Bible thumpers and right-wing and neo-con GOP political hacks on the taxpayers' dole extends from the White House and Justice Department to the Departments of Labor, Health and Human Services, Housing and Urban Development, Education, Commerce, Veteran Affairs, and Agriculture, U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), Small Business Administration, and the Corporation for National and Community Service. In addition, the "faith-based" (Psy-Ops?) network extends to various state governor's offices, including those of a number of Democrats. State-level faith-based initiative directors have been appointed in Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Colorado, Connecticut, Florida, Hawaii, Idaho, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, New Jersey, New Mexico, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Texas, Utah, Virginia, Vermont, and Wyoming.

Towey and McFarland: Evangelizing the government and dipping into the U.S. Treasury to fund religion

(Voice of the White House)

It seems that in rural Alabama, a number of Right Wing Christian churches have been, and are being burnt to the ground.

The FBI has submitted a study for review here in the White House that states its growing belief that growing numbers of non-aligned Americans are becoming very angry with the rantings and attempts on the part of the Religious Right to
enforce their own somewhat peculiar beliefs onto the rest of the country…probably by force or Presidential Order. Not only in Alabama but in six other states there have been burnings of Pentecostal and Evangelical churches.

The total to date is twenty seven, only a small portion of which have been given any publicity.

Further, some of the more
strident ministers and pastors of these outspoken and demanding churches have received “very serious” death threats. In an atmosphere were an astounding number of equally serious death threats against the national leadership is reaching epic numbers, the orders to the media are to say nothing.

8.22.05 (USA Today)

We have the ability to take him (Chavez) out, and I think the time has come that we exercise that ability,' Robertson said.

By Eric Jewell (Rense)
Part 1 (2.25.02)

Part 2 (3.6.02)

Part 3 (3.22.02)

Part 4 (3.30.02)

The Council Of National Policy (CNP)
Another Moon sponsored organization is the Council of National Policy founded in 1981 by Tim LaHaye
Other members of the CNP have included:
Pat Robertson

Pat Robertson in the early 80s, as Oliver North was trading guns and ammo (and who knows what else) in Nicaragua, was coordinating efforts to use "Operation Blessing" to help supply goods to the Contras. Allegedly these goods included hard cash and gasoline for Contra vehicles.

The head of Operation Blessing was Captain Robert Warren, who was also formerly associated with a CIA group called "Operation Phoenix." Allegedly this was an assassination group that operated in Vietnam. Also associated with this group was... surprise, Oliver North.

Caught just prior to Ugandan election.
(Wayne Madsen)

More evidence surfaces of Christian evangelicals being folded into U.S. intelligence operations. WMR has previously reported on Christian evangelical groups, linked to an entity called Mission Aviation Fellowship, being involved in off-the-books operations in Afghanistan involving transporting Afghan warlords and high-grade heroin.

Two days ago, just before Uganda's first multiparty elections in 20 years, Ugandan police arrested Peter Waldron, a 59-year old U.S. citizen from Wyoming

Waldron had billed himself in an interview with The New Republic as a preacher and information technology consultant. Waldron told the magazine that he was a former member of the U.S. military who became a missionary. He also claimed he was a radio talk show host,
Republican Party campaign adviser, and GOP lobbyist.

After many years of debate within the U.S. intelligence community about the propriety of using journalists and religious personnel as spies, the Waldron arrest suggests that both are now being used by the "new
(NEO) CIA" without restraint.

Venezuela's President Hugo Chavez also recognized the combination of U.S. intelligence and "missionary" activities when he recently ordered the expulsion of the Sanford, Florida-based New Tribes Mission from their bases in the tribal areas of Amazonas, Bolivar, Apure and Delta Amacuro. Chavez said the group was a CIA front for U.S.
mining and pharmaceutical interests.

On March 7, 1999, three U.S. missionaries were arrested at Harare International Airport while trying to board a Swissair flight for Zurich. The three -- Gary Blanchard, Joseph Pettijohn and John Dixon -- who worked for Harvestfield Ministries, a
Pentecostal group based in Indiana, were attempting to smuggle a large cache of weapons out of Zimbabwe. The three had been active in Lubumbashi, in the neighboring Democratic Republic of Congo's Katanga Province, and were accused of mercenary activities in the diamond- and gold-rich territory.

The use by the CIA of religious workers and journalists as spies now puts all
legitimate American religious and journalistic activities abroad in severe jeopardy.

Robertson’s Fatwa Results in New Tribes Expulsion
By: Nikolas Kozloff (

Chavez proclaimed that New Tribes constituted a “true imperialist invasion” and was working with the CIA.  Remarking that he didn’t “give a damn,” what people thought about his decision in Venezuela or “other imperialist countries,” Chavez said the missionary group would shortly have to abandon its jungle bases.  The decision comes in the wake of a long and simmering war of words between Chavez and Reverend Pat Robertson, who called for the Venezuelan president’s assassination on his TV Show “The 700 Club” back in August. ...

Pat Robertson put out his fatwa on Chavez’s head.  Robertson, a former presidential candidate in 1988, said that the U.S. government should kill Chavez to protect American petroleum interests ...

The indefatigable Robertson, forgetting about his earlier apology, continued his tirade.  Appearing on CNN he remarked that Chavez was “negotiating with the Iranians to get nuclear material.  And he also sent $1.2 million in cash to Osama bin Laden right after 9/11."  The preacher offered no evidence to support his startling accusations.  Venezuelan officials dismissed Robertson’s remarks as totally false and “crazy.”

By: Max Blumentha

Hurricane Katrina has devastated New Orleans, leaving thousands dead and hundreds of thousands homeless, and plunging the entire city into chaos. In the hurricane's wake, the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and its director, Michael Brown, forced out of his former job at the International Arabian Horse Association, with no credentials in disaster relief, have become targets of withering criticism. Yet FEMA's relief efforts have brought considerable assistance to at least one man who stands to benefit from Hurricane Katrina perhaps more than any other individual: Pat Robertson.

With the
Bush Administration's approval, Robertson's $66 million relief organization, Operation Blessing, has been prominently featured on FEMA's list of charitable groups accepting donations for hurricane relief. Dozens of media outlets, including the New York Times, CNN and the Associated Press, duly reprinted FEMA's list, unwittingly acting as agents soliciting cash for Robertson. "How in the heck did that happen?" Richard Walden, president of the disaster-relief group Operation USA, asked of Operation Blessing's inclusion on FEMA's list. "That gives Pat Robertson millions of extra dollars."

Far from the media's gaze, Robertson has used the tax-exempt, nonprofit
Operation Blessing as a front for his shadowy financial schemes, while exerting his influence within the GOP to cover his tracks. In 1994 he made an emotional plea on The 700 Club for cash donations to Operation Blessing to support airlifts of refugees from the Rwandan civil war to Zaire (now Congo). Reporter Bill Sizemore of The Virginian Pilot later discovered that Operation Blessing's planes were transporting diamond-mining equipment for the African Development Corporation, a Robertson-owned venture initiated with the cooperation of Zaire's then-dictator Mobutu Sese Seko.

The Bush Administration has studiously overlooked Robertson's misdeeds. In October 2002, just months after he denounced the White House's faith based initiative as "a real Pandora's box"--and one month before midterm elections--
Robertson pocketed $500,000 in government grants to Operation Blessing. Since then, with the sole exception of his criticism of the US intervention in Liberia, Robertson has served as a willing surrogate for the Administration. His Regent University gave John Ashcroft a cushy professorship to cool his heels after his contentious tenure as US Attorney General. And Robertson's legal foundation, the American Center for Law and Justice, is spearheading the effort to rally right-wing Christian support for Judge John G. Roberts Jr.'s confirmation as Chief Justice of the Supreme Court.

Now, as fallout from the President's handling of Hurricane Katrina threatens to derail the GOP's long-term agenda, Robertson is back at the plate for Bush, echoing the White House's line that state and local authorities--and even the disaster victims themselves--are to blame for the tragedy engulfing New Orleans.

Wayne Madsen

Additional ties between southern Christian fundamentalists, Texas oil interests, and Russian-Israeli mobsters and weapons smugglers uncovered. According to informed Washington insiders, there is increasing evidence of financial links between key "Christian Right" GOP notables and an international ring of Russian-Ukrainian-Israeli mobsters tied to notorious Russian weapons smuggler Viktor Vasilevich (aka Anatoliyevich) Bout.

Viktor Bout to the left
There is also now interest in the activities of Richard T. Hines, the head of the powerful Republican lobbying firm RTH Consulting, Inc. Hines, a South Carolina native and a protege of the late GOP dirty trickmeister Lee Atwater, was one of the architects of the dirty tricks campaign by Bush against John McCain in the 2000 South Carolina primary. A confederate of Abramoff in the 1980s Reagan administration's covert support network for the Nicaraguan contras, Angolan UNITA guerrillas, and Afghan mujaheddin, Hines is active in various Confederacy resurgence organizations, many of which have clear racist agendas. However, that has not prevented Hines from becoming the lobbyist for Gambian dictator Yahya Jammeh, a military officer who overthrew Gambia's democratically-elected President Sir Dawda K. Jawara in a 1994 military coup supported by the United States Navy.

Hines inherited the lobbying contract for Gambia from the eclectic Washington lobbyist Edward von Kloberg III, an individual who represented Mobutu Sese Seko of Zaire, Liberia's Samuel K. Doe, Nicolae Ceausescu of Romania, Congolese leader Laurent Kabila, the exiled King Kigeli V of Rwanda, and Saddam Hussein. Last May, von Kloberg took a swan dive off of a castle in Rome, allegedly committing suicide after a spat with a gay partner.

The connections between
Hines and Gambia are important since the small narrow West African country is also a major base of operations for notorious Russian international arms smuggler Viktor Bout. The Gambia is the headquarters for one of many of Bout's front companies -- companies that are used to smuggle everything from weapons to (blood?)diamonds and mercenaries to international relief supplies. In fact, Bout was the character on whom fictional arms smuggler Yuri Orlov, played by Nicolas Cage in the movie Lord of War, was largely based.
Nicolas Cage
The Lord of War
Bout's connections with the Christian Right do not end with Gambia. Bout was Liberian dictator Charles Taylor's primary arms and diamond smuggler. Bout and his associates were given Liberian diplomatic passports and, with Taylor's blessing and protection, they registered a number of their front companies in Monrovia, the Liberian capital. Taylor, who is now in exile in Nigeria, was a business partner with Christian Coalition founder Pat Robertson. Robertson's organization mentored both Ralph Reed and Richard Hines. According to British and Israeli intelligence sources, Taylor also enabled Al Qaeda to launder blood diamonds for cash through Liberia. Liberia and neighboring Sierra Leone were where Israeli mobsters engaged in business with Israeli gangsters who operated under the full protection of the Israeli Likud government.

Before Likud began purging Mossad of experienced intelligence officers with ties to the Israeli Labor Party, the
Israeli-Al Qaeda (blood?)diamond financial connection in West Africa was being pointed out by those officers as suicidal for Israeli interests. However, Taylor and Bout had powerful interests in the United States: a combination of the Christian Right and pro-Likud organizations like the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC), both of which ignored and continue to ignore Israeli organized crime connections to Al Qaeda and terrorism.

Robertson and Taylor were business partners in a Cayman Islands front company called Freedom Gold, Ltd. In fact, Freedom Gold bas headquartered at Robertson's CBN offices in Virginia Beach, Virginia. Robertson's African interests also crossed paths with Bout's in another country -- the former Zaire. Robertson's African Development Company used the cover of Robertson's tax-exempt "Operation Blessing" to ferry conflict (blood)diamonds out of civil war-ravaged Zaire (now Congo).

Bout, who flew arms and passengers from Dubai and other locations to Taliban-controlled Afghanistan prior to 9-11, is now providing air services in post-Taliban Afghanistan as well as U.S.-occupied Iraq. Bout's transactions with the Taliban were handled by Vial, Inc., a firm based in Delaware. One of Bout's closest associates is the Russian-Israeli Odessa-born crime boss Leonid Minin, an Israeli national who, according to the UN Security Council, travels on forged German passports as well as legal Israeli, Russian, Greek, and Bolivian passports under at least ten aliases.

It is also noteworthy that many of
Bout's operations are based in Eastern European countries that have been mentioned in association with the rendition and transporting of CIA prisoners. Bout's numerous Russian-built cargo and passenger planes have been seen at the same airports used by CIA flights. For example, Bright Aviation, a suspected Bout front, is based at Sofia Airport in Bulgaria. Bulgaria is believed to be one of the countries used by the CIA to house secret prisoners. Another Bout front, Moldtransavia SRL, is based in Chisinau, Moldova, another suspected stopover point for CIA flights.

One Chisinau, Moldova-based Bout front company, Aerocom, which also does business as Air Mero, is
contracted to fly for Kellogg, Brown & Root in Iraq and elsewhere. Aerocom has also been cited in UN and DEA reports for being involved in drug smuggling in Belize. Some law enforcement officials in the United States and Europe believe that the covert flights being operated by CIA contractors and Bout's companies in support of secret prisoner movement are also involved in smuggling drugs. After being subjected to news reports, Aerocom quickly changed its name last year.

Additional Info on:
BOUT, VIKTOR ANATOLIJEVITCH (a.k.a. BONT; a.k.a. BOUTOV; a.k.a. BUTT; a.k.a. BUTTE; a.k.a. SERGITOV, Vitali)

November 22, 2006
-- WMR has obtained a classified ("Law Enforcement Sensitive") US Treasury./Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms report on the activities of Russian arms smuggler and Defense Department Iraq and Afghanistan contractor Viktor Bout. The US Treasury Department recently "redesignated" Viktor Bout as a "Specially Designated National (SDN) from his previous title of "Specially-Designated Individual" (SDI) and froze some of his central African assets for Bout's illegal weapons and ammunition smuggling into the Democratic Republic of the Congo. The Bush administration, which has always maintained a special relationship with the Russian-Israeli Mafia kingpin, has never cracked down on Bout's network with the same consistency it has applied to Islamist "terrorists."

The order against Bout also included some of his Congolese, Rwandan, and other partners (note the freeze order against Congolese/Rwandan General Laurent Nkunda, identified as an officer of the Rwandan Patriotic Front, whose leader Rwandan President Paul Kagame and his top generals were just named by French Judge Jean-Louis Bruguiere as the terrorists who shot down the Rwanda One airplane in 1994 that triggered off central Africa's genocide):

BOUT, Viktor Anatolijevitch (a.k.a. BONT; a.k.a. BOUTOV; a.k.a. BUTT; a.k.a. BUTTE; a.k.a. SERGITOV, Vitali); DOB 13 JAN 1967; alt. DOB 13 JAN 1970; Businessman, dealer and transporter of weapons and minerals (individual) [LIBERIA] -to- BOUT, Viktor Anatolijevitch (a.k.a. BONT; a.k.a. BOUTOV; a.k.a. BUTT; a.k.a. BUTTE; a.k.a. SERGITOV, Vitali); DOB 13 JAN 1967; alt. DOB 13 JAN 1970; POB Dushanbe, Tajikistan; Dealer and transporter of weapons and minerals; Owner, Great Lakes Business Company, Compagnie Aerienne des Grands Lacs, Bukavu Aviation Transport, and Business Air Services (individual) [LIBERIA] [DRCONGO]

NASR, Samir M. (a.k.a. RUPRAH, Sanjivan); DOB 9 Aug 1966; nationality Kenya; Passport D-001829-00 (Liberia); Businessman; Former Deputy Commissioner, Bureau of Maritime Affairs of Liberia (individual) [LIBERIA] -to- RUPRAH, Sanjivan Singh (a.k.a. "NASR, Samir M."); DOB 9 Aug 1966; POB Kisumu, Kenya; nationality Kenya; Passport D-001829-00 (Liberia); alt. Passport 790015037 (United Kingdom) issued 10 Jul 1998 expires 10 Jul 2008; Businessman; Former Deputy Commissioner, Bureau of Maritime Affairs of Liberia; (individual) [LIBERIA] [DRCONGO]

MANDRO, Khawa Panga (a.k.a. KAHWA, Chief; a.k.a. KAHWA, Mandro Panga; a.k.a. KARIM, Yves Andoul; a.k.a. MANDRO, Kawa; a.k.a. MANDRO, Kawa Panga; a.k.a. MANDRO, Yves Khawa Panga; a.k.a. PANGA, Kawa); DOB 20 Aug 1973; POB Bunia, Democratic Republic of the Congo; former President, Party for Unity and Safeguarding of the Integrity of Congo (PUSIC) (individual) [DRCONGO]

MPANO, Douglas (a.k.a. MPAMO, Douglas Iruta); DOB 28 Dec 1965; alt. DOB 29 Dec 1965; POB Goma, Democratic Republic of the Congo; Manager, Great Lakes Business Company and Compagnie Aerienne des Grands Lacs (individual) [DRCONGO]

MURWANASHYAKA, Ignace; DOB 14 May 1963; POB Nogoma-Butera, Rwanda; President, Forces Democratiques pour la Liberation du Rwanda (FDLR) (individual) [DRCONGO]

NKUNDA, Laurent (a.k.a. NKUNDA BATWARE, Laurent; a.k.a. NKUNDA MAHORO BATWARE, Laurent; a.k.a. NKUNDA, General; a.k.a. NKUNDABATWARE, Laurent); DOB 6 Feb 1967; alt. DOB 2 Feb 1967; POB Rutshuru, North Kivu, Democratic Republic of the Congo; Founder, National Congress for the People's Defense; Senior Officer, Rally for Congolese Democracy-Goma (RCD G), 1998-2006; Officer, Rwandan Patriotic Front (RPF), 1992-1998 (individual) [DRCONGO]

POPOV, Dimitri Igorevich; DOB 13 Feb 1961; alt. DOB 13 Feb 1965; POB Irkutsk, Russia; General Manager, Great Lakes Business Company and Compagnie Aerienne des Grands Lacs (individual) [DRCONGO]

The December 2000 Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (BATF) Intelligence Division report on Bout (referred to as "But" in the report) states, "One major international illicit arms trafficker, Possibly the number one, is Victor Anatoly BUT, the subject of this report. BUT has been designated as a major international arms trafficker by the United Nations (UN) Monitoring Panel on Angola and by INTERPOL. Many western governments have also designated Victor BUT as a major arms sanctions violator and illicit arms trafficker,  including the United States. BUT has also been tied to Russian Organized Crime." [Note: The use of the term "Russian Organized Crime" is misleading since over 70 of the top Russian crime oligarchs also carry Israeli passports].

The most alarming information in the report is that someone like Bout (But) was not the subject of a BATF investigation in December 2000, a time during which Bout was ferrying passengers and weapons between Taliban- and "Al Qaeda"-controlled Afghanistan, nine months before the 911 attacks on the United States. The report states, "The Bureau of ATF currently has no active investigations regarding Victor BUT. However, he does have ties to active businesses in the United States, as weIl as U.S. personnel living in Texas, Virginia and UAE. The Transnational Branch of the Bureau's Intelligence Division is currently researching the actions and business practices of these companies and personnel to determine if they are involved in BUT's illicit arms trafficking activities. This report is sensitive but unclassified."

The BATF report provides some personal information on the enigmatic Bout: "Victor Anatoliyevich BUT, a.k.a. Viktor BUT, Victor Bout, or Vadim Aminov, was born on 01/13/1967 in Dushanbe, Tajikistan. His known relatives are Sergei
BUT, his suspected younger brother and business partner, and his wife Alla BUT, also a business partner."

"Victor Anatoly BUT, according to open source reportinging, was a Soviet Air Force officer, and according to one South African police source, employed by the KGB until the break up of the Soviet Union in 1989/90. His regiment was disbanded after the break up and he essentially went private. His business started with gunrunning to Afghanistan and then he discovered Africa. By 1999, his operation had grown into a cargo fleet of over 20 aircraft through several companies based in various countries."

ln 1999, the main operating office of Air Cess and the TAN Group continued to be Sharjah in the United Arab Emirates, even though the aircraft were based in several other African countries. The Belgian pilot, who was co owner of the two Belgian registered companies and the chief executive of one; was also reported to have another address in Sharjah. Victor, who also had a residence in Europe, appears to be using the last name "BUT" in Sharjah, which differed slightly from "Bout", the name he used for his registration in Belgium. According to officials in southern Africa, Victor BUT uses five different passports, two of which are Russian."

Of more interest are the pre-911 ties that one of Bout's aviation associates had to Florida -- the state where the 911 hijackers trained and a group of dozens of Israeli "art students" closely monitored their activities. From the report: "Valeriy Naydo - An associate of Victor BUT and works in BUT's company Transavia Travel Agency in Sharjah, UAE. He was born on August 10, 1957, in Rostov, Russia. However, he 1ists his nationality as Ukrainian. He possesses Russian passport number KC024178, which expires on February 4,2010. His current address is P.O. Box 3962, 902 Kaloti Tower, ShaIjah, UAE. His telephone number is 06-555-8640. He has brown hair and brown eyes. He is married and his wife's name is Galina Naydo. She is Belorussian. Prior to living in Sharjah, UAE, Naydo lived in Johannesburg, South Africa, from May 6,1997 to December 20,1998. He lists his occupation as Chief Pilot and General Aviation Director forTransavia Travel Agency. He was issued a visitor/tourist visa to enter the U.S. on February 28, 2000. On the visa application he listed 1335 Saratoga St., Deland, Florida, 32724, as his visiting address. This is the company address for Uninsured Turbine Design, Inc. and Turbine Design, Inc."

Deland is close to Orlando, a major center for the activities of the Israeli art student and Daytona Beach, a nexus of the flight training by some of the 911 hijackers. This was also at a time when Bout was flying for the Taliban between Dubai, the Taliban's and Al Qaeda's chief financial center, and Afghanistan. Florida was also where Pakistan's ISI intelligence service wired $110,000 to lead hijacker Mohammed Atta.

Also, note in the below INTERPOL Red Notice that Bout was denied entry into the United States in July 2000. His address was listed as Plano, Texas -- located in the Dallas metropolitan area, another nexus for the 911 hijackers and the Israeli "art students."


November 21, 2006
-- A mini-scandal has developed in the House of Representatives office of short-term Republican Texas Rep. Shelley Sekula Gibbs, who is filling the remainder of Tom DeLay's term before handing over the seat to incoming Democratic Rep. Nick Lampson.

Sekula-Gibbs is demanding an investigation of several former aides to DeLay who resigned from Sekula-Gibbs' office after they were caught scrubbing the office computer system of various recent files, including those dealing with Houston's Ellington Field and the NASA tenant activity located there.

Ellington Field, which became infamous as the home of the Texas Air National Guard unit where George W. Bush remained AWOL for most of his time in the Guard. Ellington Field, after having been turned over by the Air Force to the city of Houston, has become known as a center for dubious business deals  One includes a deal whereby Bush's Texas Air Guard pal James Bath, a one time agent for the Bin Laden family, continued to provide fuel for Air Force One a decade after his involvement with Saudi principals in the Bank of Credit and Commerce International (BCCI) scandal.

According to WMR's sources in Houston, a NASA lawyer in Houston wrote a letter to the Houston mayor questioning Bath's involvement in the Air Force One refueling deal. The attorney did not receive a reply from the Mayor's office and he was soon fired from his NASA job.

Related story below.


Johnson's Air DC-8 with severe damage to cockpit window.
November 21, 2006 -- On Nov. 17/18/19, 2006, WMR reported on the presence of an aircraft linked to Viktor Bout's international weapons smuggling network at Mogadishu airport. WMR reported that the "Boeing-707, registered in Ghana with registry number 9G-GAL, marked with “SACHA” on the fuselage, used the call sign 9QCTA. The plane landed in Mogadishu at 0700 GMT on November 13, 2006. The plane reportedly made previous stops with arms and ammunition at Mogadishu."

WMR has recently learned the aircraft, which is actually registered "9G-OAL," is owned by Johnson's Air of Ghana. Johnson's Air appears to have been founded around 1995 by Kansas City-based Farhad Azima (and may now be operated by Farzin (also spelled Farsin) Azima, Farhad's brother). Azima is well known for his connections to highly placed (and "well-oiled") American friends in Houston and Washington, DC and first became known for his role in the Iran Contra scandal of the 1980's. One of Azima's Boeing 707s was used to ship 23 tons of arms and ammunition to Iran in return for the release of U.S. hostages in Lebanon. The plane was leased to Race Aviation, owned by Farzin Azima. Farhad Azima served on the board of Kansas City's Indian Springs State Bank, which, along with its directors, were sued by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation after the bank collapsed in 1984 after making insider loans and engaging in deposit fraud.

Global also had a contract with the Egyptian American Transport and Services Corporation (EATSCO) to ship U.S. arms to Egypt. EATSCO was a CIA front company connected to CIA officers Thomas Clines, Edwin Wilson, and Ted Shackley and Egyptian intelligence officer Hussein Salem.

Farhad Azima, an Iranian expatriate, is chairman and CEO of the Aviation Leasing Group of Companies (ALG), which owns and operates some 50 aircraft, including those operated by Buffalo Airways of Waco, Texas. In 1976, Azima founded Global International Airways (the same year that James Bath became the sole U.S. agent for Salem Bin Laden, the older brother of Osama Bin Laden, and who was heavily involved in procuring airline service companies in and around Houston). Azima also acquired a controlling interest of Capital Air, which maintained a large aircraft overhaul operation in Smyrna, Tennessee. In 1983, following the crash of a Global International press plane in Brazil that was  accompanying President Reagan on a trip to that country, Global International had its operations suspended by the FAA for safety reasons -- ironic since Azima's company now provides training to the FAA. Azima has friends in both the GOP and Democratic Party -- including former DNC Chair Don Fowler and former Tennessee Sen. Fred Thompson.

Azima's worldwide aircraft empire includes training for the FAA, other airlines, and the Navy's E-6 program. Azima's companies have clients in Africa, Latin America, the Caribbean island of St. Lucia, Canada, the former Soviet Central Asian states, and the United States. On March 19, 2005, a Johnson's Air Boeing 707 (9G-LIL) crashed into Lake Victoria on approach to Entebbe International Airport in Uganda.

Johnson's Air bases a number of its aircraft at Sharjah International Airport, the same location where Viktor Bout's various airline companies base their operations. On Nov. 22, 2005, a Johnson's Air DC-8 (9G-PEL) at Sharjah was spotted with its cockpit windows blown out and covered with cardboard. Buckets were noticed under the engines collecting leaking engine oil. Both are signs that the plane was fired upon in a war zone. Other Johnson's Air planes have been spotted in Maastricht, Netherlands; Ostend, Belgium; Dubai, UAE; Accra, Ghana; Addis Ababa, Ethiopia; Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia; Colombo, Sri Lanka; Budapest Ferihegy; Recife, Brazil; and Nottingham-East Midlands, England.

By: Greg Palast

In his younger days, Robertson gave up worldly wealth to work in the ghettos of New York. But, says a former Coalition executive, 'Pat's changed'. She noted that he gave up his ordination as a Baptist minister in 1988. (He is still, incorrectly, called 'Reverend Pat' by the media.)

This is the same Pat Robertson that the
Bank of Scotland recently named chairman of its new American consumer-bank holding company.

Investigative reporter Bill Sizemore of the Virginian Pilot discovered that over a six-month period - except for one medical flight - the planes were used to haul equipment for something called African Development Corporation, a diamond mining operation a long way from Goma. African Development is owned by Pat Robertson.

Robertson's banking chief, Neil Volder - Robertson told me he could imagine tying his Chinese Internet firm
('The Yahoo of China', he calls it) into the banking operation. Picking up Volder's body shakes, Robertson added: 'Though I'm not supposed to talk about Internet banking.'

Robertson's choice of the Bank of Scotland as partner is surprising because, until this year, he boasted of his English, not Scottish, heritage.

Moreover, in New World Order, he singled out as the apotheosis of Satan's plan for world domination the British-chartered central banks conceived by Scottish banker
William Paterson.

In the book Robertson explains that
Rothschild interests carried on the Paterson plan, financing diamond mines in Africa which, in turn, funded the 'satanic' secret English Round Table directed by Lord Milner, 'one-time editor' of The Observer. (Ah-ha!)

Furthermore, the Scottish banker's charter became the
pattern for the US Federal Reserve Board, a 'diabolic' agency created and nurtured by the US Senate Finance Committee, whose chairman was the 'Money Trust's' dependable friend, Senator A. Willis Robertson - Pat Robertson's father.

Are you following this? That's right. Pat is the scion of the
New World Order (NWO)

are your Indian Casino dollars being used to fund apocalyptic terrorist ?

Israel Near Detonation:
Will the Abramoff Factor Sink Bibi?
By: Anton Chaitkin (EIR)

((a worldwide network of mercenaries, illegal arms dealers, drug traffickers prostitution rings, (blood?)diamond-smuggling and money launderers to bring about the Biblical Armageddon ?))

The notorious Jack Abramoff is the Washington pivot for the underground apocalyptic movement

Abramoff has been financing the Temple Mount fanatics, who would destroy Islam's holy shrines on Jerusalem's Temple Mount, the al-Aqsa mosque and the Dome of the Rock, and build a new Solomon's Temple on the site instead. A bombing or other assault on the Temple Mount would set off a tsunami of revenge-driven religious wars.

Abramoff organized crime, fascist guerrilla movements, and death squads, whose apparatus gives the
Cheney power cartel a chance to blow Israel up for a Netanyahu takeover

In recent years Abramoff has had at his disposal hundreds of millions of dollars from gambling casinos and slave-labor sweat shops, much of it in untraceable cash.

Abramoff worked closely with Shabtai Kalmanovitch, the fascist politician and master of the casino gambling, prostitution, and
(blood?)diamond-smuggling based in the Bophuthatswana bantustan.

Here we see Abramoff in a realm of lethal action for which greed and simple corruption cannot account.

The accompanying article, "The Abramoff Family and the Mob Families," shows how organized crime, particularly tied to casinos, boosted Jack Abramoff all through his life (see also ``Abramoff, the Russian Mob, and Israel'').

Abramoff's IFF was part of a larger South African military intelligence initiative. Code-named Operation Babushka, it was tasked to counter and destroy the leading black anti-apartheid movement—the African National Congress (ANC)—led by Nelson Mandela.

In 1985,
Abramoff became the director of a putatively private organization called Citizens for America. It was one strand of a worldwide network of mercenaries, illegal arms dealers, drug traffickers, money launderers, terrorists, and private spies, known collectively among intelligence specialists as "the asteroids." Citizens for America was sponsored by rightist financier Lewis Lehrman, in coordination with the Vice President George H.W. Bush side of the Reagan Administration.

Abramoff, his lieutenant Grover Norquist, and South Africa's Crystal Williamson-linked NSF, organized a 1985 summit conference of rightist guerrilla movements, hosted by Jonas Savimbi's
(blood?)diamond-smuggling UNITA movement in Jamba, Angola. The heroin-trafficking Afghan mujahedin, Oliver North's cocaine-smuggling Nicaraguan contras, Laotian guerrillas

Posted By: Rayelan (

I am sure that many new forms of technology exist that transmit messages to the minds of innocent "channelers" who believe that the messages they are receiving are "sent by God"... to "help" mankind.

What I later found out about the "Ekker group", is most of the "Contactees", i.e. members of the Ekker's group, were generational mind control victims... meaning they, their parents and sometimes even their grandparents were victims of our government or other governments who continued their experiments here in the United States.

The NWO carries on its mindcontrol experiments through Tavistock. They experiment on people in all countries. I am certain that the Soviet Union, Communist China, North Viet Nam and North Korea were and are some of their MAIN victims.

Pushing Nuclear Armageddon
By Jeffrey Steinberg (EIR/Rense)

Sometime in late 1980, then-Col. Paul E. Vallely, the Commander of the 7th Psychological Operations Group, United States Army Reserve, Presidio of San Francisco, Ca., co-authored a discussion paper, which received wide and controversial attention within the U.S. military, particularly within the Special Operations community. The paper was titled "From PSYOP to MindWar: The Psychology of Victory," and it presented a Nietzschean scheme for waging perpetual psychological warfare against friend and enemy populations alike, and even against the American people.

The "MindWar" paper was provoked by an article by Lt. Col. John Alexander, which appeared in the December 1980 edition of Military Review, advocating the introduction of ESP (extra-sensory perception), "tele-pathetic behavior modification," para-psychology, psychokinesis ("mind over matter"),
remote viewing, out of body experiences, and other New Age and occult practices into U.S. military intelligence. Alexander's paper was titled
"The New Mental Battlefield:
Beam Me Up, Spock."

Wayne Madsen Report

(As there are concerns that NSA's remote viewing program no longer complies with FISA or USSID 18. Is this part of the program approved by President Bush for CHENEY'S 'SPOON BENDER'S' domestic surveillance ect. without warrants, by the N.S.A. ?)

February 26, 2006 -- President Jimmy Carter, in an interview with GQ,  revealed the existence of a onetime top secret operation involving "remote viewing," the use of psychics in para-psychological espionage directed against the USSR. The Soviets also maintained a similar program during the Cold War.

"GQ: One of the promises you made in 1976 was that if you were elected, you would look into the reports from Roswell and see if there had been any cover-ups. Did you look into that?

Carter: Well, in a way. I became more aware of what our intelligence services were doing. There was only one instance that I’ll talk about now. We had a plane go down in the Central African Republic—a twin-engine plane, small plane. And we couldn’t find it. And so we oriented satellites that were going around the earth every ninety minutes to fly over that spot where we thought it might be and take photographs. We couldn’t find it. So the director of the CIA came and told me that he had contacted a woman in California that claimed to have supernatural capabilities. And she went in a trance, and she wrote down latitudes and longitudes, and we sent our satellite over that latitude and longitude, and there was the plane.

GQ: That must have been surreal for you. You’re the president of the United States, and you’re getting intelligence information from a woman in a trance in California.

Carter: That’s exactly right.

GQ: How did your scientific mind process that?

Carter: With skepticism. Whether it was just a gross coincidence or…I don’t know. But that’s one thing that I couldn’t explain."

The CIA's
remote viewing was known by various cover names, including Stargate. The Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) also maintained a remote viewing program code named Sun Streak. The prototype CIA remote viewing program, run by Stanford Research Institute (SRI), was code named Project Scanate. Other CIA cover names for remote viewing included Centre Lane, Gondola Wish, and Grill Flame.

A former high-ranking official of Carter's National Security Council and officer in Naval Intelligence confirmed the existence of the CIA's remote viewing program and the use of para-psychics to locate secret Soviet missile bases and ballistic missile submarines. However, he conceded that both the U.S. and Soviet remote viewing programs were plagued with problems, including constant interference from "third parties."

After Stargate's exposure by ABC's Nightline in 1995, it was reportedly defunded. However, according to NSA sources, remote viewing remains an ultra secret project at the signals intelligence agency. According to those familiar with the program, the protocols followed have actually complied with U.S. Signals Intelligence Directive 18 (USSID 18), which implements the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA). U.S. persons have been protected by the use of mandatory "two person control" (a viewer and a special handler) during remote viewing sessions, carried out in a super secure chamber at NSA Headquarters in Fort Meade, Maryland. With recent disclosures about NSA's violations of FISA by order of the Bush White House, there are concerns that NSA's remote viewing program no longer complies with FISA or USSID 18.

Inside the CIA's psychic program
By: Anthony LoBaido (

While seated on a train headed for Pusan, South Korea -- sandwiched in between a major in South Korean naval intelligence and a U.S. Army colonel -- WND's roving international correspondent Anthony LoBaido was introduced to the shadowy world of remote viewing -- a psychic information-gathering technique employed for decades by the U.S. Defense Department to bolster its intelligence efforts.

And so began this writer's exposure to the Stargate Project, its parapsychological roots and its applications vis a vis North Korea and other flash points around the world.

Fearing that using "asymmetrical" intelligence-gathering personnel like psychic spies might enable the Russians to take a huge lead in the espionage field, the DIA believed the Soviets might be able to learn the whereabouts of U.S. troops and ships, analyze top secret documents, read the thoughts of top U.S. leaders, perform psychic assassinations and even disable spacecraft and satellites. •
It was in this climate that the Pentagon launched its own psychic intelligence gathering program -- headed up by INSCOM, the U.S. Army's Intelligence and Security Command.

Finding the right person to lead a project for such a new frontier was a difficult task. The man chosen was Hal Puthoff, a respected engineer who had the security clearance, background in hard science and training to handle the project.

Working out of Fort Meade, Maryland, Puthoff began recruiting a team of "remote viewers," composed of military personnel, who would participate in the radical new program. The billions of dollars spent on satellites, the labors of the CIA and other agencies, and the intelligence shared with the U.S. by her allies abroad was suddenly jolted by this new, radical approach to espionage.

Harold (Hal) E. Puthoff

Federal Cover-Up Of
From Elizabeth Walker (Rense)

The timeline of events documents that an employee of the National Security Agency (NSA), Dr. Harold Puthoff, infiltrated Scientology, completed its confidential upper-level courses, and almost immediately secured a top secret contract with the Central Intelligence Agency to set up the CIA initiated "remote-viewing" intelligence program. The evidence is that the program secretly utilized Scientology techniques--intellectual property of Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard--without Hubbard's or any Scientology organization's knowledge or permission, and without compensation.


Harold "Hal" Puthoff
Born 6/20/36. BS and MS in electrical engineering from the University of Florida. After graduating, Puthoff served in the Army on duty with the NSA at Fort Meade, Maryland. There, he worked as an engineer with Project Light, which studied fiber optics, lasers, and high-speed computers (very cutting edge at the time). After leaving, he invented the tunable infra-red laser.
(McRae, Ronald, Mind Wars, St. Martin's Press, 1984, pg 92-3)

According to author Jim Schnabel (and confirmed by Dr. Puthoff), he served at the NSA in the early 1960's during his tour with the Navy, not the Army as McRae reported above, and later stayed on as a civillian.
(Schnabel, Jim, Remote Viewers: The Secret History of America's Psychic Spies, Dell, 1997, pg 97)

SRI in 1971 as a specialist in laser physics. Worked for the previous eight years in the Microwave Laboratory at Stanford University. Served as an officer in the Navy from 1960-63 at Ft. Meade.
(Mitchell, Edgar, Psychic Exploration, G.P. Putnam's Sons, 1974, pg 522)
Head of the SRI remote viewing program, 1972-85. After he left, Puthoff was replaced with Ed May. Former Naval Intelligence Officer.
(Puthoff, Harold, "CIA-Initiated Remote Viewing Program at Stanford Research Institute", Journal of Scientific Exploration, Vol. 10, No. 1, Spring 1996)

"Dr. Harold E. Puthoff is Director of the Institute for Advanced Studies at Austin. A theoretical and experimental physicist specializing in fundamental electrodynamics, his research ranges from theoretical studies of quantum vacuum states as they apply to the stability of matter, gravitation, cosmology and energy research, to laboratory studies of innovative approaches to energy generation. A graduate of Stanford University in 1967, he has published over 30 technical papers in the areas of electron-beam devices, lasers and quantum zero-point-energy effects, has patents issued and pending in the laser, communications, and energy fields, and is co-author of a textbook Fundamentals of Quantum Electronics (Wiley, 1969), published in English, French and Russian.

"Dr. Puthoff's professional background includes engineering work at General Electric and Sperry; three and a half years with the U.S. Department of Defense, where his work on high-speed opto-electronic computers resulted in the award of a DoD Certificate of Commendation for Outstanding Performance; post-doc appointments at Stanford University as Research Associate, Ginzton Laboratories, and Lecturer, Dept. of Electrical Engineering; Director of the Cognitive Sciences Program at SRI International for over a decade, where he was responsible for large-scale, innovative, government-funded research programs; and, since 1985,
Director of the Institute for Advanced Studies at Austin.

"Puthoff regularly serves various government agencies, the Executive Branch and Congress as consultant on leading-edge technologies and future technology trends; is a member and officer of several professional organizations (NY Academy of Sciences, Amer. Assoc. for the Advancement of Science, Amer. Physical Soc., Soc. for Scientific Exploration); is listed in American Men and Women of Science, Who's Who in Science and Engineering, Who's Who in the South and Southwest and in Who's Who in the World; and has been designated a Fetzer Fellow (1991)."
(Biography provided by Dr. Puthoff)
He is claimed to have been at OT (Operating
Thetan) Level III with the Church of Scientology at the time of the experiments. He wrote the preface to Scientology: a Religion, and was married in a Scientology church. "Puthoff says his involvement with the church more than a decade ago was casual."
(McRae, 1984, pg 108)

Puthoff joined the Church in the 1960s, and left in the mid-1970s. After leaving, he lent support to a group that criticized the Church. It was during an LA training seminar that he met Pat Price, who later worked at SRI. (Schnabel, Jim, Remote Viewers: The Secret History of America's
Psychic Spies, Dell, 1997, pg 198-200)

Since the early 1970s, Puthoff had been a part-time, paid consultant to Bill Church regarding alternative fuel sources. At Puthoff's urging, Church developed a company,
Jupiter Technologies, to research zero-point energy. In the summer of 1985, after giving only two weeks notice, Puthoff left SRI to work for Church full time.
(Schnabel, Jim, 1997, pg 323)

Currently with the Institute of Advanced Studies at Austin, 4030 W Braker Ln, Suite 300, Austin, TX 78759, and president of Earthtech International at the same address here for Earthtech's home page. His current work is involved with quantum physics, zero-point energy, and electrogravitics.

Puthoff is working with Robert Bigelow and his National Institute of Discovery Science. (NIDS)

By Jon Atack

Aleister Crowley
In 1945, Hubbard became involved with Crowley's acolyte, Jack Parsons. Parsons wrote to Crowley that Hubbard had "described his angel as a beautiful winged women with red hair, whom he calls the Empress, and who had guided him through his life and saved him many times." In the Crowleyite system, adherents seek contact with their "Holy Guardian Angel".

John Whiteside Parsons, usually known as Jack, first met Hubbard at a party in August 1945. When his terminal leave from the US Navy began, on Dec 6th, 1945, Hubbard went straight to Parsons' house in Pasadena, and took up residence in a trailer in the yard. Parsons was a young chemist who had helped set up Jet Propulsion Laboratories and was one of the innovators of solid fuel for rockets. Parsons was besotted with
Crowley's Sex Magick, and had recently become head of the Agape Lodge of the Church of Thelema in Los Angeles. The Agape Lodge was an aspect of the Ordo Templi Orientis, the small international group headed by Aleister Crowley.

By 1952, Hubbard had lost the rights to Dianetics, having bailed out just before the bankruptcy of the original Hubbard Research Foundation. He had also managed to avoid the charges brought against that Foundation by the New Jersey Medical Association for teaching medicine without a license. In a matter of days in the early spring of 1952, Hubbard moved from his purported "science of mental health" into the territory of reincarnation and spirit possession.
He called his new subject Scientology, claiming that the name derived for "scio" and "logos" and meant "knowing how to know". However, Hubbard was notorious for his sly humour and "scio" might also refer to the Greek word for a "shade" or "ghost". Scientology itself had already been used at the turn of the century to mean "pseudo-science" and in something close to Hubbard's meaning in 1934 by one of the proponents of Aryan racial theory. Other possible links between Hubbard's thought and that of the Nazis

Is Intended To Produce `A Splendid Little War'
By Denns Small (EIR)
Posted 8.22.05

U.S. Secetary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld arrived in Paraguay on Aug. 16, with the principal mission of putting the final touches on Vice President Dick Cheney's scheme of establishing a U.S. military base in that country, in the heart of South America.

What is the actual intent behind Cheney's Paraguay caper? Locate the regional South American developments in the context of the documented short-term drive for pre-emptive war against Iran, including nuclear strikes, which has been launched by Dick Cheney and his allied gang of "
spoon bender" Utopian lunatics within U.S. military and intelligence circles.

The base for the maneuvers is to be the Mariscal Estigarribia military base and airfield—which was built by the U.S. to be able to handle large military transport planes, and house up to 16,000 troops—located in the middle of the largely uninhabited
Chaco region of northwestern Paraguay.

seize the giant Guarani Aquifer
, one of the world's largest reserves of fresh water, covering an area of 1.2 million square kilometers—of which an estimated 70% is located in Brazil, 19% in Argentina, 6% in Paraguay, and 5% in Uruguay.

Mystery N.Y. Bank Allegedly Funnels $3B In Funds To Terrorists
Posted By: Jeff

New York has been caught allegedly funneling an estimated $3 billion in profits from drug deals and other illegal activities to Mideast terrorists, The New York Post reports. Manhattan District Attorney Robert Morgenthau, the paper says, plugged the profits pipeline as part of an ongoing investigation of suspected funds flowing through local banks.

In the most recent scheme, according to The Post, the money originating from the so-called "tri-border region" of Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay, was transferred to an account at the New York bank through a money-transfer company in Uruguay and then on to accounts in the Mideast, where they were distributed over the past two years to the likes of Al-Qaeda, Hamas and Hezbollah. "I can't go out and arrest Osama bin Laden," the 84-year-old Morgenthau told The Post. "But I can try to cut off his money."

"Tri-border region" sound familiar? "Chiggerbit" notes on the RI board that it's a territory in which
Sun Myung Moon has recently planted his Unification flag, acquiring the land atop the Guarani aquafer. Moon's 600,000 hectares also happens to be "an enormously strategic point in both the narcotics and arms trades," according to Paraguay's former drug czar, who adds that "the available intelligence clearly shows that the Moon sect is involved in both these enterprises." And "Starroute" adds that Khalil bin Laden, Osama's brother, has business connections in the nearby Brazilian province of Minas Gerais, "an alleged center for training terrorists."

The Post today discloses the identity of the "mystery bank." And guess who:
For the rest of the Story Click Here:

By: Wayne Madsen

With U.S. troops currently protecting Halliburton's oil operations in Iraq and the CentGas pipeline in Afghanistan, U.S. troops are now being sent to Paraguay, complete with immunity from criminal prosecution by Paraguay or the International Criminal Court, to protect the millions of acres of Paraguayan water and land resources bought over the years by religious cult leader Sun Myung Moon. It is not coincidential that Moon's Unification Church has many followers within the Bush administration.


Reverend Sun Myung Moon, spiritual leader of the Unification Church, self proclaimed Messiah, multimillionaire and a generous contributor to the US Republican Party, has been showing a strong interest over the last five years in little-known Paraguay at the centre of the South American continent.

The scorching sun beats relentlessly on one of Latin America’s most desolate zones. It is here in the northern province of Chaco, directly above the Guarani aquifer, the largest resource of fresh drinking water in the world, where Moon’s associates claim he wishes to build an ecological paradise.

According to Senator Emilio Camacho: "The Moon sect is a mafia. They seek to subvert government control and are effectively building a state within a state.

In 1999, the Brazilian federal police launched an investigation into the involvement of Rev Moon’s associates in money-laundering and tax evasion, amidst accusations of drug-running. By October of that year, he had down sized his operation in Brazil and bought land in Paraguay.

Rev Moon’s first involvement in the continent came during the late 1970s when his organization donated the first ?,000 to Oliver North’s Nicaraguan Freedom Fund. The religious leader was implicated in many of the so called
Contra scandals during the Reagan-Bush administration.

Moon gives a speech announcing that it's time to recognize him as the Messiah:
Special bonus: Bush at a Moon event in 1996.

MOONIES: who is behind the movement
By: Harry V. Martin and David Caul (Napa Sentinel)

Most of Moon's money comes from Japan. For almost 20 years there have been consistent reports that one of Moon's most important financial supporters and advisors is Ryoichi Sasakawa. In 1969, Moon and Sasakawa, together, formed the Freedom Leadership Foundation (FLF), which lobbied the U.S. for a hawkish position in Vietnam.

According to Choate, Sasakawa's political activities go back 50 years, when he formed one of the most radical and Fascist parties inside Japan. "He was one of those individual business leaders who was calling for war with the United States in the months preceding the attack on Pearl Harbor," claims Choate. In 1931, Sasakawa. formed the Kokusui Taishuto, a militarist political movement, and according to a U.S. Counter Intelligence Corps report after World War Two, Sasakawa. was "one of the most active Fascist organizers prior to the war." He was later imprisoned for plotting the assassination of a former Premier. In 1939, Sasakawa. even flew to Rome in one of his own aircraft to meet personally with Benito Mussolini to help arrange the Axis alliance between Italy, Germany and Japan. Sasakawa organized Japan's black shirts patterned after Mussolini's.

Another prominent Japanese war criminal who became an important member and supporter of the Moon organization was Yoshio Kodama. Having become an ultra-nationalist, terrorist leader in Japan at the age of 15, Kodama joined scores of secret societies with names like Blood Brotherhood, Holy War Execution League, Federation of Radical Patriotic Workers, and Capital Rise Asia Academy. He made his living working for those murderous groups. These yakuza armies were bankrolled by and served the interests of wealthy industrials


U.S. Attorney for Chicago (and special prosecutor in the Valerie Plame/BJ & A White House leak) Patrick Fitzgerald has indicted former Chicago Sun-Times publisher David Radler for the theft of $32 million from the Sun-Times parent company, Hollinger Corporation. Radler is also a past owner of Canada's Ottawa Citizen and Vancouver Sun

The indictment of the Sun Times' former publisher Radler, who has been another
strong promoter of Likud and neocon causes, is also significant in light of the Plame matter. The Sun Times syndicates Robert Novak, the first journalist to reveal in his column Valerie Plame's CIA identity and that of her Brewster Jennings non official cover company. That leak is at the center of Fitzgerald's probe of Karl Rove, Lewis "Scooter" Libby, and others in the Bush administration for violations of national security laws.

Sun Myung Moon's empire of political influence and phony journalism may also be exposed soon. In what
may not be an unrelated story to the Hollinger indictments, on Aug. 19, South Korean prosecutors raided the headquarters of the South Korean National Intelligence Service (NIS) in Seoul, seizing boxes and computer disks. It was the first time the agency, once called the Korean Central Intelligence Agency (KCIA), has been raided by the authorities in its entire 45-year history. It has long been suspected that South Korean intelligence financially props up Sun Myung Moon, the owner of neocon Washington Times and other right-wing propaganda outlets around the world. The raid and investigation of the NIS may also result in exposures of Moon's ties to criminal elements in Asia and powerful politicians in the United States and other countries.

Motto to these two stories: It's not wise to irritate and inflame the US intelligence and law enforcement infrastructures. Pay backs, as they say, can be nasty.