In the short run, the issuer of a fiat reserve currency can accrue great economic benefits.  In the long run, it poses a threat to the country issuing the world currency. In this case that’s the United States.  As long as foreign countries take our dollars in return for real goods, we come out ahead.  This is a benefit many in Congress fail to recognize, as they bash China for maintaining a positive trade balance with us.  But this leads to a loss of manufacturing jobs to overseas markets, as we become more dependent on others and less self-sufficient.  Foreign countries accumulate our dollars due to their high savings rates, and graciously loan them back to us at low interest rates to finance our excessive consumption.

It sounds like a great deal for everyone, except the time will come when our dollars-- due to their depreciation-- will be received less enthusiastically or even be rejected by foreign countries.  That could create a whole new ballgame and force us to pay a price for living beyond our means and our production.  The shift in sentiment regarding the dollar has already started, but
the worst is yet to come.

Most importantly, the dollar/oil relationship has to be maintained to keep the dollar as a preeminent currency.  Any attack on this relationship will be forcefully challenged—as it already has been.

In November 2000
Saddam Hussein demanded Euros for his oil.  His arrogance was a threat to the dollar; his lack of any military might was never a threat.  At the first cabinet meeting with the new administration in 2001, as reported by Treasury Secretary Paul O’Neill, the major topic was how we would get rid of Saddam Hussein-- though there was no evidence whatsoever he posed a threat to us.  This deep concern for Saddam Hussein surprised and shocked O’Neill.

It now is common knowledge that the immediate reaction of the administration after 9/11 revolved around how they could connect Saddam Hussein to the attacks, to justify an invasion and overthrow of his government.  Even with no evidence of any connection to 9/11, or evidence of weapons of mass destruction, public and congressional support was generated through distortions and flat out misrepresentation of the facts to justify overthrowing Saddam Hussein.

There was no public talk of removing Saddam Hussein because of his attack on the integrity of the dollar as a reserve currency by selling oil in Euros.  Many believe this was the real reason for our obsession with Iraq.  I doubt it was the only reason, but it may well have played a significant role in our motivation to wage war.  Within a very short period after the military victory, all Iraqi oil sales were carried out in dollars.  The Euro was abandoned.

In 2001, Venezuela’s ambassador to Russia spoke of
Venezuela switching to the Euro for all their oil sales.  Within a year there was a coup attempt against Chavez, reportedly with assistance from our CIA.

After these attempts to nudge the Euro toward replacing the dollar as the world’s reserve currency were met with resistance, the sharp fall of the dollar against the Euro was reversed.  These events may well have played a significant role in maintaining dollar dominance.

It’s become clear the U.S. administration was sympathetic to those who
plotted the overthrow of Chavez, and was embarrassed by its failure.  The fact that Chavez was democratically elected had little influence on which side we supported.

Now, a new attempt is being made against the petrodollar system. 
Iran, another member of the “axis of evil,” has announced her plans to initiate an oil bourse in March of this year.  Guess what, the oil sales will be priced Euros, not dollars.

Most Americans forget how our policies have systematically and needlessly antagonized the Iranians over the years.  In 1953
the CIA helped overthrow a democratically elected president, Mohammed Mossadeqh, and install the authoritarian Shah, who was friendly to the U.S.  The Iranians were still fuming over this when the hostages were seized in 1979.  Our alliance with Saddam Hussein in his invasion of Iran in the early 1980s did not help matters, and obviously did not do much for our relationship with Saddam Hussein.  The administration announcement in 2001 that Iran was part of the axis of evil didn’t do much to improve the diplomatic relationship between our two countries.  Recent threats over nuclear power, while ignoring the fact that they are surrounded by countries with nuclear weapons, doesn’t seem to register with those who continue to provoke Iran.  With what most Muslims perceive as our war against Islam, and this recent history, there’s little wonder why Iran might choose to harm America by undermining the dollar.  Iran, like Iraq, has zero capability to attack us.  But that didn’t stop us from turning Saddam Hussein into a modern day Hitler ready to take over the world.  Now Iran, especially since she’s made plans for pricing oil in Euros, has been on the receiving end of a propaganda war not unlike that waged against Iraq before our invasion.

by Barry Chamish
by Barry Chamish
by Barry Chamish
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Shimon Fogel, of the Canada-Israel Committee, said these refugee claimants sometimes draw contempt from established Jewish community members in Canada. Mr. Fogel qualified the claimants as opportunistic migrants seeking a shortcut into Canada's immigration system.

A notorious case soon to be heard by IRB involves the son of a Yemeni rabbi critical of Israeli authorities, who was jailed during the 1990s after an armed standoff.

Emanuel Meshulam came to Canada in 2005, claiming persecution at the hands of the Israeli police and the spy agency Mossad.

His father, Rabbi Uzi Meshulam, had accused Israel's European-dominated
authorities of abducting hundreds of Yemeni children. The infants were separated from their parents during their chaotic immigration to Israel in the late 1940s.

The disappearance itself stirred much controversy, fuelling allegations that European Jews look down on Jews from Arab countries. Mr. Meshulam's charges were invalidated in several state investigations.