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Attention: Bellringer, Dove and Lee,

I'm sure you won't be offended by my subject heading, as it seems you are oblivious to others people's feelings, as you spread your Dark Agenda lies about the Internet, in your power-struggle to get your fabrications recognized, somehow miraculously as fact?

I refer to your article of sheer fabrication and delusion, titled "Who Shall Enter the Kingdom of Heaven?" dated 4th January 2004, when you set about to dishonestly and incompetently defame our Governor, Dr. David R. Siminton.

Despite Dr. Siminton having pre-warned you of the traitorous and Dark Agenda activities of the criminal that calls himself Dirck Hagers, currently parading himself illegally as the Minister of Finance for H.M. Government of Camside, it is quite obvious to us, that this is from whom you have taken your grossly erroneous and defamatory material.

Have you ever wondered, with respect to your inept ability to research anything, why Hagers writes to you with regular insults, making false claims as to his non-existent appointment as Minister of Finance for H.M. Government of Camside, and yet he does NOT use the official Camside email address for that position of ? As a matter of fact, because he has never even been a Citizen of Camside, he doesn't even have a Camside e-mail address at all! viz.

I can assure you, that real and only officially appointed Camside's Minister of Finance, Neville Hawken, who has not had the displeasure of meeting Hagers, is most surprised to hear of his apparent double, from someone as ignorant as yourself, with respect to your sadly lacking knowledge of the Government structure of Camside!

Let me draw your attention to the paragraph of your first set of delusional, fabrications, and un-researched material, which commences "Another power group is located in Australia...."

"Power Group?" - I don't think so. British Government principalities have been established in Australia for some 36 years now, well before you started your fabrication of the non-existent USA NESARA legislation, which by the way, has never been presented before Congress, and which Dr. Siminton has accurately stated, will not be announced in February or March 2004, as you too will eventually soon see.

H.M. Government of Camside is a legally created government, supported by more citizens than you would have visiting your website in a year. Just because many Americans wouldn't know whether they are coming or going, doesn't mean People in other countries just sit back and bitch and complain like we see daily on your website, and those of Dove and Jennifer Lee. We the People of Australia, are actually doing something about our corrupt government, and have very little time for your super-corrupt USA government.

Bellringer Lie No. 1

Where on earth did you create the lie, that Dr. Siminton's claim to fame was that of "a self-appointed Governor of the Principality of Camside?" Did you do any research at all, before making such an outlandish lie? Dr. Siminton was appointed as Governor to the State of Sherwood, on 15th December 2001, by the then Prince of Camside, (now abdicated), H.R.H. Peter Richard Rettke. Did you ever think to check our website, where you would have found Dr. Siminton's appointment document, signed by the Prince, on display to all for 2 years, many Camside Citizens of whom, have contacted us identifying yourself as a Dark Agenda liar.

Click on the link below, and feel free to be embarrassed:

Bellringer Lie No. 2

Where exactly does our Governor "offer citizenship to Camside for a sum of $200 with the promise of being placed on a prosperity program gifting list?" Where exactly have you fabricated the existence of this information on our website, or are you perhaps referring to our "gifting" section, where it says, in the first paragraph no less, - "This offer is being made to Camside Citizens ONLY, and includes those that have applied for Citizenship, who may not as yet received their Citizenship papers?"

Did you not write a public encouragement e-mail, re Dr. Siminton's offer to our Camside Citizens the day after his announcement on 6th June 2003, or has this enthusiastic e-mail from yourself to Dr. Siminton, now very conveniently been forgotten?

Click on the link below, and feel free to be embarrassed once again:

Bellringer Lie No. 3

You're a real sly one when it comes to twisting words aren't you? You state that our Governor "is relying on others to back his promise...." Promise? Now where did you get that word from? On the above referred "gifting" section of our website, under the heading "Conditions of Gifting" the second sentence says: "These funds that may be gifted to you upon application." So it seems that you have deliberately substituted "may be gifted" with "promised to give?" so that this can now suit your fabricated conclusion?

Furthermore you state "David Siminton is not personally involved in any of the prosperity programs," really?, how on earth would you know that, as Dr. Siminton is unlikely to be discussing any of his financial affairs with you, or anyone else for that matter?

By the way, Dr. Siminton will shortly be providing his research/evidence, proving that the majority of prosperity fund claimees, will never be receiving any prosperity funds, because they were conned by the now deceased man, Mike Kodosky, to whom they paid their investment fees. Good luck claiming this fraud on a deceased man!

Bellringer Lie No. 4

Now for probably your most incompetent and idiotic quotation, quoted from a private" e-mail sent to you and your fellow Dark Agenda operative, Dove, on 22nd November 2003! What an idiotic and blasphemous statement - quote: "Why the need to try to out-guess Creator God?" We could not believe how stupid you were to have published this information effectively proving Dr. Siminton correct with his NESARA non-announcement predictions. You commented on his CORRECT 2003 non-NESARA announcements to your dwindling reading website public, on 4th January 2004? Does this not totally defeat your own argument? Does this not prove that Dr. Siminton was right, and that your fabricated and delusional personal version of "Creator God" was wrong?

You now make even a greater fool of yourself by saying "... creates more negativity and adds to the delay of NESARA!" Of course, as Dr. Siminton informs us, this is what his profession as a doctor of Hypnosis and Psychotherapy is a Freudian slip! You have exposed your LIE about your delusional meeting/s with "Creator God," for here you suggest that Dr. Siminton, a mere mortal by your implication, has the ability/power to delay NESARA, against the wishes of your "Creator God!" So just who are you stating is in charge of getting NESARA announced, "God" or "Dr. Siminton?"

Of course your Freudian slip confirms that you are not speaking with any such "Creator God" at all, are you? As Dr. Siminton informs us, you are in actual fact responding to a clever trick, put before you by the Dark Agenda, knowing that you can be swayed via your Roman Catholic beliefs, whereas St Germain is all that is needed, to trick the money hungry Dove into pretending NESARA is passed legislation.

At this point in time, just to show you how impressed and supportive the entire Camside Government structure is of Dr. Siminton's psychic,spiritual and 3rd density abilities, Dr. Siminton wishes you to remind you, that his NESARA non-announcement prediction is now proven correct for January 2004 by way of your own published admission. Furthermore, Dr. Siminton advises, that NESARA will not, and cannot be announced in February, March or April 2004 either.

While we are on this point, let me give you my personal opinion of why you get only a few thousand hits at the websites of (The Bellringer Fabrications) and (The Dove and Jennifer Lee Fabrications) monthly.

So far, since 2000, you, Dove and Jennifer Lee have been 100% wrong, with respect to the ever-pending announcement of NESARA, and yet Camside's Dr. Siminton, has been 100% right! The visitors to our website at are many millions compared with those to your websites, because our visitors are in search of the truth, very little of which can be found at your websites.

Bellringer Lie No. 5

You now challenge the creation of our Government's bank Terra Nova Cache, a project with which I have had to do an immense amount of work, in order to secure its operation and to provide the security for Citizens deposit monies and precious metals.

May I refer you to the following ridiculous and incorrect statements on banking practices, made by yourself?

"... offers the same features the gold banking system will have after NESARA is announced." Gold backed currency requirements at law, have been in place for 100's of years. The problem is that world banks have been ignoring these laws to their ultimate financial advantage, and to the financial detriment of their depositors. The fictitious NESARA legislation, does not provide these features as new revolutionary banking features, rather, had NESARA existed as legislated law, which of course it doesn't, it would have provided enforcement of these laws only.

"Why does he create a new "gold" bank now, which is not possible under the present system?" Now what nonsense are you talking about now? Firstly, Terra Nova Cache has been created by H.M. Government of Camside, and not Dr. Siminton personally, or is it that you are just after a personal attack on Dr. Siminton, so that you can blame him for having embarrassed and proved you a fraud and a liar, thereby shifting the focus of your dwindling website visitors, from the nonsense of your personal "Conversations with God," and your "cups of tea" aboard Star Ships?

I mean, really, let's at least try to hang onto some of the little remaining credibility that you have left, Patrick?

Some of you Americans are really quite world-ignorant. The laws under which Camside operates, are those working in conjunction with the British Government, Natural Law and the Laws of God. No one in any other country outside of USA, has any interest in the confused legal state of affairs of America. USA does not create legislation on behalf of any country other than America.

"...which is not possible under the present system?"Says who? You? Anyone in the world who knows what they are doing, can create a "gold backed" bank. Isn't this exactly what you Americans are calling out for with NESARA? Please don't tell us what we can and can't do in Australia, because we have already done it! We weren't asking either your opinion or your uneducated permission, rather we were informing you that our "gold backed" bank is up and running. The "gold backing" of bank issued currencies, is a British Law requirement of many 100's of years, and does not have to wait for a USA Congress un-legislated NESARA law to be announced, on behalf of the rest of the world!

Bellringer Lie No. 5

"David Siminton is being fooled by the Illuminati over power and greed....." Frankly Patrick, you wouldn't know who the Illuminati were, even if the jumped up and bit you on the nose! On 5th September 2001, it was our Dr. Siminton that was invited to participate in an Aboriginal and Indigenous Tribal meeting, at which Dr. Siminton was responsible for agreeing to a World Peace Treaty between planet Earth, and the Dark Agenda at that time. It was at this meeting, that Earth's 174 tribal nation representatives informed Dr. Siminton, of the inevitable "world changing event" that would occur on the East Coast of America, 6 days from the date of this Peace Ceremony on September 11th 2001,

May I suggest that you make inquiries as to who Dr. Siminton is, and who he represents on Earth, before you go playing as a Dark Agenda agent, with someone who works exclusively with the Light, otherwise, one day, you may get severely burned by that same Light!

By the way, what "power and greed" are you referring to? Maybe your next Freudian slip, can be found in the fact, that in your article of fabrications and un-God-like attacks, on just about everyone associated with interests in NESARA, you mention the word "power" 28 times, and "powerful" and "greed" are each mentioned twice? Perhaps "power, powerful and greed" is something more on your mind, than it is on others?

"...and G.W. Bush is quite happy with his Siminton plan." Where on Earth did you dig this fabrication up? The idiot, liar and conman, that you Americans were stupid enough to allow to steal the Presidential election, has nothing to do with either Dr. Siminton, or anyone in the Camside Government. Are you saying that H.M. Government of Camside, created under the laws of England is a G.W. Bush plan? Perhaps you are you saying that Camside's offering of prosperity funds to its Citizens, is a G.W. Bush plan? Perhaps you are you saying that Dr. Siminton's 100% accurate predictions, re the non- announcement of NESARA, is a G.W. Bush plan? Perhaps you are you saying that G.W. Bush operates through Dr. Siminton, in over-powering your Creator Source God's wishes, insinuating that both Bush and Dr. Siminton have more influence than your God? Or are you trying to convince People, that the Camside's creation of the world's first legal, fully gold-backed bank, is the idea of your Bush Jnr too?

Your whole article is one mass of contradictions and lies, which proves Dr. Siminton's saying correct, quote, - "no matter how many lies you tell, you will never accidentally find yourself arriving at a truth!"

Really Patrick, you couldn't have made more of a fool of yourself, in just one paragraph of total and absolute fabrications about our Camside Government and our Governor, Dr. Siminton, if you tried. Did you actual think at all, while compiling this article of sheer nonsense, or was your mind totally under the control of the Dark Agenda at the time?

As this e-mail is being distributed to a far greater reading audience than that commanded by your website, Dove and Jennifer Lee's combined, we are also informing people of the many e-mails of support, for both Dr. Siminton and what Camside stands for, all of which were forwarded to both Dove and yourself. In many of these e-mails, similar factual points were presented to Dove and yourself, and most e-mails demanded an apology be given you both to Dr. Siminton, and a withdrawal of both of your various fabricated Dark Agenda reports in this regard.

All of you reading this e-mail should note, that due to the total lack of integrity at the Bellringer, Dove and Lee websites, none of these "request-for-apology" e-mails were published, no retraction or apology for this article was made to Dr. Siminton, nor was any approach made by any of these three parties, to establish the accuracy of their comments, either before or after the respective articles were published.

This, People of the World, is how you determine and discern, that you are reading the trickery of Dark Agenda influenced, and in some cases Dark Agenda controlled stooges, and their respective websites of deception.

I hereby demand a retraction of this article of fabrications, and an apology from Bellringer be published to our entire Camside Government, and specifically an apology to our Governor, Dr. David Siminton. Well I guess I'm being a little ambitious now, after all why would Bellringer, Dove and Lee start telling the truth at this stage, as the NESARA lie has already got too big for them to handle, hasn't it?

Peter M. Dodson
Major and Commander
Camside Diplomatic Protection Unit

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